US Open to take place – The big New Corona were supplied to York WagnisWo until recently, patients want to play in August, the tennis aces in front of empty stands, the US Open. It’s a question of whether the players join in. Simon Graf0 comment here to be held at the end of August the US Open: passers-by with masks walk in Flushing Meadows for the tennis stadiums.Photo: Keystone

Until recently, have been supplied in Flushing Meadows still Covid-19-patients. At the height of the corona crisis, the tennis courts in Queen’s, was converted into a temporary hospital with 350 beds. At the end of August should now be in the Billie Jean National Tennis Center, the racquets swinging. Long had been gewerweisst, now, Forbes, ESPN and the New York Times reported a consensus that the US Open will take place from 31. August 13. September held. The men’s and the women’s tour and blessed the plans of the U.S. tennis Association, it is only the Okay of the local authorities is missing.

Whether this is good or bad news about the tennis cracks are divided. At the weekend reaffirmed Novak Djokovic, Dominic Thiem and Alexander Zverev their concerns because of the rigorous safety measures in place. Thus, the players may take only one accompanying person, you will be quartered in Hotels at the airport “” several times per week tested. Spectators are not allowed, the media, apart from TV Partner ESPN, which paid each year, around 70 million dollars, even only occasionally.

Not a trace of Social Distancing: Novak Djokovic and Sascha Zverev in the Adriatic Tour in Belgrade.Photo: Keystone

Almost surreal the images from the Djokovic-organized Adriatic Tour on the weekend, muted in the face of these restrictions, where you had the feeling that the Coronavirus exist. The US Open can not afford such carelessness. Especially since New York of all US States was hit the hardest, over 30’000 corona dead complained. In the meantime, the Infections of over 10’000 are dropped every day to under 1000, which is why Governor Andrew Cuomo had loosening. But because it came on the Weekend to numerous violations, threatened Cuomo with tightening.

The U.S. Federation needs the money

And in two months, therefore, occur in New York, the assembled Tennis Elite (with the exception of the injured Roger Federer). The main reason for this is obvious: unlike Wimbledon, the US Open does not have a pandemic insurance policy, there are huge losses. Because of the TV and sponsorship contracts pay, it is to play without spectators than not at all. After the total overhaul of the plant for $ 600 million, the American Association of tight on cash as well. Last week, he dismissed 110 workers.

Will travel to Rafael Nadal to New York to defend his title?Photo: Keystone

Before the US Open in New York from 24. August take place the laid-out tournament in Cincinnati. The idea is to bring the player in a “bubble” that they live up to four weeks without corona risk, train and play. Problematic could it be if all of the players, who would like to entry into the United States in quarantine. But it is optimistic that the regulations will be relaxed in this regard soon.

Many of the players responded in the first interviews skeptical to hostile to the plans of the US Open. However, according to the New York Times has agreed to the gamers Council of men under the leadership of Djokovic added. To many players it is no different than the US-Association: you need the money. The Stars could afford to have a stay away, but who wants a Chance to win a Grand Slam title to pass?

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