Because of China’s policy – US-government of Hong Kong special status abKein recognizes reasonable person could claim that Hong Kong keep a high degree of autonomy from China, explains US foreign Minister Pompeo in front of the Congress.1 Kommentar1Mit large police presence against the protests in the direction of China. Keystone/Vincent Yu

The U.S. Department of state holds the advantageous special status for Hong Kong in view of the increasing interference of China in the Autonomous metropolis is no longer justified. The stated US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo on Wednesday. “No reasonable Person can claim today, given the situation on the ground that Hong Kong retains a high degree of autonomy from China,” wrote Pompeo in a legally required report to Congress.

The Chinese special administrative zone Hong Kong is so far of a special legal status for companies and citizens of the metropolis of great importance. For example, against China imposed by the U.S.-punitive tariffs are not considered to have for imports from Hong Kong. The importance of the financial centre of Hong Kong to Communist China is very important – could be put at risk.

The U.S. government had expressed herself recently in the face of Beijing, a planned restrictive security laws for Hong Kong are very concerned. A spokeswoman for US President Donald Trump about said on Tuesday that the United States would like to see the future of the financial location Hong Kong, China’s plans at risk. The former British crown colony is maintained since the handover to China in 1997, largely Autonomous, in accordance with the principle of “one country, two systems”. Recently, Beijing has intervened but is becoming stronger in Hong Kong’s freedoms.


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