Due to excessively optimistic results – Uni Zürich investigation of cardiac surgeons einWeil the chief of cardiac surgery at the University hospital, Francesco Maisano, and in a conflict of interests is involved, has opened up his employer to a process due to Unfairness in the science.1 Kommentar1Herzchirurg Francesco Maisano has fudged scientific publications about the success of interventions. As a shareholder of medical technology companies he benefited personally.Photo: Urs Jaudas

The University of Zurich has an investigation against the head of the heart surgery of Zurich University hospital (USZ) is initiated. The doctor, who is also a Professor at the University of Zurich, stands for days in the criticism. He is said to have concealed studies fudged, and conflicts of interest.
announced by the University on Tuesday, will you take action against the Professor for a procedure due to suspicion of Unfairness in the science.
External assessors, to investigate whether or not scientific integrity has been respected in the publications. The University also wants to bonds the interest and in addition to pursuits of their Professors under the microscope.

hidden the fact that he had to revive the patient re –

The Professor is accused of implants of the companies in which he is involved and to have these conflicts of interest are not made Transparent.
in Addition, it is embellished publications on the use of novel implants and the approval authority Swissmedic misleading statements have been made. In articles he had hidden the fact that a patient had to be resuscitated during the Operation. (SDA)

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