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saying goodbye to Pau Donés , died on Monday after five years living with cancer, have filled the social networks with thousands of moving messages of condolence, admiration and respect. Some have been really exciting, such as Luz Casal, and in general all have been sincere tributes to the singer of Jarabe de Palo and his work. But others have not been anything successful, as the Horse , which inexplicably throws flowers at himself eclipsing the own deceased with a tweet full of egolatría that evidence a hilarious need to reaffirm their self-esteem. “I remember the first time I met Pau Donés. She kept an autograph of mine had signed me when I was not yet devoted to the music”, says the Crazy in his farewell message. And as expected, the reviews have fallen in droves.

Among the reactions there are some musicians such as Ismael Serrano , who has said: “When you die someone you know comments on tuiter on that death often say more than that is that you are going”.

“I’ve had to read two times the twit loquillo because I thought that it was impossible for her to be so selfish as to get over the person that “pays tribute … As it is definitely the child at the christening, the bride at the wedding, and the dead in the burial..” says a user of the social network. “ Yesterday died a fan of Loquillo . The poor thing must be having an awful time,” jokes another.

“Often fucking ghost is Loquillo ,” says another tweeter. “Dies the singer of Jarabe de Palo, Pau Donés, and the only thing she knows is sucking his own cock. From that I saw an interview he did to Ramoncín, it became clear to me what ghost it is.” “ Horse does not forget his ego or when he dies-a-friend , ” says another user.

Another user commented: “What you fucked up to Loquillo, is that despite having signed autograph Pau Donés when it was not dedicated to the music, this, gave him a thousand laps musically and humanly talking about.” “ Egomaniaco. Loquillo the biggest fraud in the history of Rock . I wanted a truck and ended up announcing banks,” says another user. Another of the messages that are most hard says: “ Loquillo, was, is and always will be an idiot . What happens is that when we were young we were, but we grew and we became better people, The no!”.

A race full of controversy

The Catalan singer has starred in countless controversies with his statements in the last few decades, almost always related to an excess of love by itself. When he collaborated with his idol, Johnny Hallyday , said: “it Was a gift from the company. I had served 30 years in the world of music, and we had already played in the support band of the Rolling Stones and the Who. And when they asked me I said what I needed to do was to play with Johnny, and it was given to me. I have good friends, but it also is that the letters were not subject to appeal, because I am the lead singer of rock’s most important “.

In an interview in the year 2012 with this newspaper, the singer said: “ there is No one in Spain better than I do on top of a scenario from the point of view of the rock”. Other statements full of self-centeredness that has left for posterity are: “When I was young made me a fan immediately of the Loquillo current”, or “I Am a first sword, not a supporting actor”. And among the most famous is this that you gave in another interview with Europa Press: “Without a doubt, I am a star of rock and roll, is not lack of modesty “.

two years Ago, had a bitter confrontation with the collective of rappers, when in the wake of the arrest of Pablo Hasel for , appeared for an interview in The Newspaper with the headline: “I don’t give a cucumber to put in the jail to a rapper . What have you censored a rapper? Please, that we have all been censored 20 times, what I want you to tell? Boy, if you take a risk, you expose yourself to that you leave the face, this has always been so. This office comes late home”.

“The stage is my home, my territory, where I am truly myself, when low is when I start to act. Life is a theatre”, said the Crazy in another talk journalism. That is his alibi for the award of any of its outputs tone to his character, not the person. It must be very hard and stressful to not be one and the same twenty-four hours a day, but so is Loquillo. Will José María Sanz Beltrán of attitude in the future? Any I would bet not, especially after that from the stage of a concert in Barakaldo, back in 2008, said: “ It’s hard to be humble when one is so great “.