as A tourist, is arrested and fined because of an “inappropriate” bikini-contributed to a newly-opened beach of Boracay, one of the most well-known of the islands in the Philippines. The hotel staff had even been warned, but the Taiwanese was wearing it on the beach yet.

She could not say that they were not notified and was. The 26-year-old Taiwanese tourist was approached by the staff of the hotel is on the popular resort island of Boracay, in the Philippines, when she was no more than a tiny bikini at the beach and wanted to leave on the 9th of October. It could not be said of her, and referred to it as “inappropriate”.

the Art

The tourists, and her friend responded by saying that it is “a work of art,” it was, ” says Natividad Bernardino, the big boss of the resort. And so, she was wearing the next day, on the beach, not much more than a few of the threads, in order to get to the beach. The police took her to the beach and arrested her, according to a spokesperson, she’s got a fine-from 44 € for the “adult” outfit.

The local police chief thinks that’s normal. Their habits and customs in terms of dress varied considerably from our own,” says Jess Baylon, “but they are our culture, tradition and environment, has to be respected.”


The island of Boracay, it is only since October and will re-open for the tourists. It is a popular island continued to be for many months, close to clean, with the facilities improved and the quality of the water is handled as it was. There are also the harsh climate, but also bikinis, it is the police and not to soft.

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