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The sports tourism is one of the major trends in recent years, and this was post covid has become one of the most used tools for the marketing of the destinations.

proactivity for the generation of sporting events that activate their tourism associate will be manifested to transform local economies in seasons of average or low.

The main reasons for this settlement as a strategic tool has been the adaptation, innovation and approach to sustainability.

sports tourism, and in particular, nautical tourism, sports has achieved in recent years found its place within the universe of tourism at the global level. Has adapted their prices for the democratization of the seas, and since few people are exempt from being able to enjoy a day of sea doing some activity related to water sports, sailing aboard a tall ship, participating in an event company or a part of a sporting competition.

what experts call “Experiences of happiness”.

The industry of nautical tourism has started to realize that not sell or rent boats, moorings or courses of water sports if not one that sells experiences, and the sports tourism strengthens those feelings.

The touring sports is learning to give its clients experiences of happiness that can help them to improve their lives and escape from their daily problems. Tourism, in this case the bound of the sea and the sport, it is a tool to fill the soul of satisfaction.

The sports tourism embraces innovation

And this whole process has begun to come from the hand of innovation. The sea existed, the beaches were already there, the boats were moored in their ports and materials water ready to be used.

In recent years, the tourism nautico sport has simply asked if what was being done, could be done in a different way, by getting the sea and the oceans have become a necessity for a large percentage of travelers.

sporting events, axes for the marketing of destinations

In the field of sporting events, it has been shown that there are clear revitalisation of local economies, increasingly being used by destinations as a brand identity. Who is not associated to a target the King’s Cup in Sailing, the Sydney Hobart or the Godó, to give some examples? and how many people move these events directly or indirectly?

The analysis of tourist demonstrate that sporting events are one of the main keys of the boom in sport tourism and that this type of tourism improves the ratios of profitability of local businesses related to accommodation, transport, restoration and services.

In the case of the King’s Cup Sailing, for each day of racing in Palma de Mallorca, the race leaves more than 2 million of euros in the economy of its surroundings, which can give us an idea of the magnitude of sport and the relevance of tourism and social that has this sporting event to the island.

Other data to be highlighted are the more than 4.5 million euros in turnover in the accommodation sector in the city of Palma, along with the nearly 3.5 million euros that entered the restoration, along with supermarkets and other suppliers of food, more than 2.5 million that remained on the airlines and maritime companies, or almost 700,000 euros, which brought the regatta to the account of results of the taxis and local transport of the city.

nautical Tourism responsible

Within the tourism nautico marina, one of the segments that more boom is taking is the one related to the sports tourism responsible.

The enterprises or events of sports tourism that have committed to working on behalf of an environmental cause or a social how active are seeing how their business or project stand out above the rest.

The customers related to the nautical tourism sports bet for the sustainability and the respect for the marine environment. Are consumers much more conciéncianos and penalize the companies that are not governed by the same predisposition to the respect for the ecosystems.

One of the most clear examples about what we have in the Formula Kite Spain Series. An event young focused on a new form of candle that has worked a clear synergy with the Foundation, Water Sports Plastic Free achieving that in just two years has become one of the events of reference in relation to their sustainability and where its ratio of growth is the largest sector of the sailing competitions.

From the Formula Kite Spain Series is judged on the basis of the following decalogue generated by the foundation.

1. Think globally, act locally

2. A small gesture can event that you need to use plastics for single use only.

3. Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you. I know an example

4. Educates children and youth in the respect for the marine environment

5. Become an “influencer” and get to understand your friends that your collaboration is important

6. Support brands that are committed to packaging eco-friendly

7. Help your sports club or federation to work in favour of the marine environment.

8. Shares and supports content # Plasticfree in social networks

9. Not to support a company that use plastics for single use only. If you buy, they will buy

10. If you take care of the Earth, are taking care of the oceans. Think that a large part of the waste that is generated, goes from the rivers to the sea.

running this simple decalogue has led to this event nautical sports take hold and grow within the international calendar of the new olympic class Formula Kite and with it being one of the tools of marketing and revitalization of commercial most powerful of the current scene.

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