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with her band, Jarabe de Palo, Donés billed for a long list of songs of the free spirit, the majority of them are very catchy and bright, and some of them became in its own right in hits with timeless Spanish pop.

Index Top1. “The Skinny”2. “It depends”3. “The dark side”4. “Water”5. “Nice”6. “Two days in the life”7. “Agustito con la vida”8. “Dog apaleao”9. “Shout”10. “I like how you are” 1. “The Skinny”

“The Skinny” is, without any doubt, the number one on your song sheet. It was the single of the first self-titled album of Jarabe de Palo, released in 1996. Is inspired by Alsoris Guzman Morales, a woman whom he met during a trip to Cuba in 1995. “Skinny, I can not get out of the island without having lain with thee,” said the musician. She smiled, opened her arms and said to me: “Come, Pablito”. I leaned back in the bed, I hugged her and the next memory I have is waking up with the sun in the morning giving me in the face, embraced Alsoris, but fully clothed. Such was the excitement that I had felt those days that I had fallen asleep. I got up, grabbed a pen and a sheet of paper, and sitting on my bed and staring at the Skinny asleep I wrote, in just ten minutes, a poetry short recounting what he had felt for that woman.”

2. “It depends,”

Another of his singles that became super sales was “it Depends”, the flagship of the second album of Jarabe de Palo, released in 1998. With a formula very similar to that in “The Skinny”, he turned to sneak into millions of homes in Spain and of course at the top of the sales charts.

3. “The dark side”

With makes bolero, this composition is one of the most successful of the disc of debut of Pau Donés, also at the level of the letter: “you May have been born in the face of good in the world / I was born in the face of bad / I wear the mark of the dark side / and I do not blush if I tell you that I love you / and they leave me or I leave / that I’m not afraid / you had been, without hesitation, the most beautiful / of all the stars / that I saw in the sky / I do not blush if I tell you that I love you / if I tell you that I love you.”

4. “Water”

one of the most remembered of Donés that came out in the second disk, “it Depends,” is this ballad of gentle cadence and chorus unforgettable: “Passion and law, hard to blend / Water and thirst, serious problem / When one is thirsty / But the water is not close to / When one wants to drink / But the water is not near”.

5. “Nice,”

Though he received plenty of bad reviews for this single, and accused him of repeated the same formula over and over again, Pau Donés turned to raze with this song that gave title to her fourth studio, “Beautiful.” The letter is one of the best that has represented the philosophy of life of this musician, an optimist by nature: “Nice… everything seems to me nice / Nice morning, nice place, nice bed / How to see the sea! / Nice is the day… that just started / Beautiful life / I can Breathe, breathe, breathe!”.

6. “Two days in the life”

Three years before “Beautiful”, Donés had released a third album that, while it was not at the height of the first two in terms of sales, has served to keep his name in the first division of the Latin pop in the entrance to the new century. “Back and forth” saw the light in 2011 with topics that are very popular like this, “Two days in the life” which features an intense story of love and heartbreak.

7. “Agustito con la vida”

In the same album we find others of those songs that can only have been written by Pau Donés, with phrases that now are more important to claim than ever before. “Few things are needed / pa feel agustito”, “Agustito with the body / with the life and the soul / at Ease with oneself / with the things that are needed”. In addition to the tune vibrates with the rhythm of reggaeton, long before it became fashionable.

8. “Dog apaleao”

we also can Not forget “Dog apaleao”, one of the most fun and funky of his discography, that he knew how to even integrate some word thick with the utmost elegance. “As a dog apaleao / with the body colorao / I’m going but barrenao / I long pa another lao / Pa’ otro lao, me largo pa’ otro lao / Colorao, and the body colorao / Barrenao, of the host that I’ve dao / Pam, pam, pam, pam, dog apaleao”.

9. “Scream”

from now on, fans of Pau Donés and Syrup Stick to them will love it especially listening to such verses as these, to which the musician aragonese breathed his genuine vision of hope and the meaning of life. “A long time ago someone told me / what was the best remedy / When for no reason / I Was going the world to the ground / And if you want I will explain / what is the mystery / That there is no heaven, sea and earth / life is a dream”.

10. “I like how you are”

On his sixth studio album, “Ahead” of the year 2007, Pau Donés returned to give with the key to the success of this part time pop classic, but with the mark of the house Jarabe de Palo well gleaming.