sports is in need of technical Innovation. Because it improves performance, allows new devices and equipment that prepares the sports of the field, for the conquest of more and more areas of life. The new special exhibition, shows “Done? Go! The history of sports and technology“ in the Technoseum Mannheim. The Show runs until 10. June, 2019. It comprises 800 square meters of exhibition space, over 400 exhibits, and 17 interactive stations of the Slackline up to the Fitness analysis. The verse of the port of articulation of everyday life to the topics such as media, technology and E-sports.

the Sport is at the core of the hunt for the best brands, according to records. The Problem: quite simply, the comparison of an individual’s performance with the field of competitors is not. In ancient times, for example, the participants knew of the Olympic games, who had won a race. But if the best runner of the year was faster than the winner of the last games? The remained open. “If I want to prove that I was the absolute fastest am, I need a corresponding measuring system,” says Hartwig Lüdtke, head of the state Museum for technology and work. Stop watch and a mechanical shutter for timing, time, printer, and light barriers, cameras and Sensors of all kinds are among the exhibits of the exhibition.

The time measurement already takes in the account of the early days of modern sport is a key position. The fits to the historical context: “Since the 19th century. Century has not influenced the watch only with the mechanization and industrialization of the work world, but also the Sport,“ explains exhibition curator Alexander Sigelen. So it is only logical that the Look of a factory clock in a Competition timer is compared.


As “tertien counter” came in the 18th century. Century the first watches, which divided the hour, minutes as a primary division, and seconds as a secondary division, also in fragments of seconds. That was the technical basis for the use of hand watches with a stop button, and chronograph (“time writer”, the inlet to the goal in a Competition documented) in the Sport during the 19th century. Century: Suddenly the time ran in unprecedented precision.

On the various stations of the exhibition, the topic of timing encountered in the Sport, the visitors again and again. In the professional field of this Narrative leads to a modern target camera, which holds up to 30000 images in the second, who runs what time is exactly on a target line. And in Private, it is the digital fitness tracker of any kind, which is characterised by the Measurement of sporting performance.