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The pandemic of coronavirus has left a lesson: the need to be digitized. The trendy term, but under his ambiguous concept implies an enormous challenge to adapt to the new habits of the consumers and to the new requirements. In the midst of a health crisis without precedent, which has delayed the world’s economies to levels of the Second World War , major technology companies have released their earnings in the second quarter of the year.

Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Alphabet , which presented this Thursday its quarterly results, have weathered the hurricane Covid-19 with records of sales in the period of highest incidence of the pandemic. Together have registered a profit of more than 28.633 million dollars ($24.098 billion euros), and a domain almost exclusively at the global level . The measures of isolation and blockages of the most affected countries have contributed to an increase in internet traffic and online shopping.

A sector dominated by these giants americans who have not been tousled in no time despite the headwind that has undergone the largest companies in the world. And with a single exception, the unexpected stumbling of Alphabet , the parent company of Google, which for the first time in its history has seen it regress its benefits. But their accounts have performed better than analysts had expected.

Facebook: no trace of the advertising boycott

Facebook has been one of the main beneficiaries of the pandemic. Its use has soared, reaching a new peak of users, more than 2,700 million people registered, which is 12% above in comparison with the same period of the previous year. Each month, the less 3,140 pesos millions of people are using any of your services (Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram). The results of the second quarter contrasted with a year ago, when the company saw falling its benefits 50 %, by the provisions to address multi-billion dollar fines from regulators.

April-June , the american multinational had a revenue of 18.321 million dollars ($15.413 million euros), which has led to bill 10% more than the previous year. But only in benefits, the money maker has cast smoke: 5.178 million dollars ($4.356 million euros), a 98% increase. These data arrive, in addition, after suffering an advertising boycott in which more than 500 companies, some multinationals, such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, Vodafone or P&G, temporarily paralyzed your investments in the social network following a campaign of protest against the speech of hatred.

Facebook announced that it between January and June won 10.081 million dollars ($8.472 million euros), almost double in the same period of the previous year, with a clear increase in their business despite the crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus. During the first six months of the year, the company of the social network most used in the world with a turnover 36.423 million dollars ($30.611 million euros), compared to the 31.963 million dollars ($26.863 billion euros) that had been admitted to hospital in the first half of 2019.

Amazon: all victories large

The Amazon has also been surprising, but expected. When the measures of blockade and entered into the countries, purchases of products they were able to stay on through the internet. The place where he was born and grew up in the company of Seattle for a quarter of a century. Your balance sheet is a quarterly throws revenues of 88.900 million dollars (74.728 million euros) in the second quarter, 40% above of the past year. Only in earnings, the company recorded an increase of 99%, a few 5.243 billion dollars (4.406 billion euros).

In the first half, the multinational e-commerce Amazon announced a benefit of 7.778 billion (6,535 cases million euros), up 26% compared with the same period last year. Between January and June, the company led by entrepreneur Jeff Bezos , the richest person in the world, with a turnover of a whopping 164.364 million dollars (138.126 million euros), which represents 33 % more in comparison with the first half of 2019, though at the same time, its operating costs also increased by around 33 %, up to 154.532 million (129.864 million euros).

Apple service and the iPhone “low cost” give him air

as a general rule, this quarter was more loose for Apple. In autumn tends to present its device star, the iPhone, which represents 45% of its total revenues. This year there will be changes. The signing of Cupertino, California) has confirmed that the launch of the new model, dubbed as iPhone 12, there will be a delay.

the good reception of The model of low-cost iPhone, which appeared in April, has boosted its sales. The company with a turnover of about 59.685 million dollars ($50.173 million euros), which has been a 10% increase over last year. Your winnings were not less: 11.253 million dollars ($9.456 million euros), up 12%. All business areas increased their sales, especially in the line of services that includes Apple Music and Apple TV+, which entered a few 13.156 million dollars ($11.049 million euros).

Between January and June, Apple has improved its net profit by 4% up to 22,400 million dollars ($18.826 million euros), with an improvement in sales of 6% during some of the worst months of the pandemic Covid-19. “The record of the quarter that ends in June, he was motivated by a two-digit growth in products and services and in each of our geographic segments,” he explained in a press release the director of the multinational, Tim Cook.

Google: the first stumbling block in its long history

The only exception has been the Alphabet, the parent company of Google, which has registered its first drop in its history by the cessation of advertising campaigns, its main business. Billed 38.297 million dollars ($32.168 billion euros) in the second quarter, 2% less than the previous year. And obtained minor benefits: 6.959 million dollars ($5.844 million euros), a 30% less .

Your commercial area that has remained to the upside has been the “Cloud”, that is to say, all of your services infrastructure in the “cloud”, which has added to 3.007 million (2.526 million euros), a 43% more. The company’s shares rose anyway as investors consider that the pandemic is temporary. The economies made a few foxes, but there is nothing that will remove the dream world of “tech”.

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