The tax burden in Belgium in the past year, continued to grow. That’s according to figures from the European statistics agency, Eurostat. Of all the european union countries, not only in France, is the sum total of revenues from taxes and social security contributions as a percentage of gdp is higher than in the us.


The proportion of tax revenue against gross domestic product (gdp) amounted to 2018, in Belgium and 47,2 per cent. The year before this year was 47 per cent, according to figures published by Eurostat. The figures for the previous year, the statistical agency slightly revised. Last year it was a question of a ratio of 47.3 per cent in 2017.

In France, the number of 48,3 to 48,4 percent of the time. Number three, Denmark, reported the largest decrease in the EU as a whole, and it went from 46.8 to 45.9%. The EU average has increased from 40.2 to 40,3 percent of the time.

the republic of Ireland (23 per cent) and Romania (27.1 percent), and Romania (29.9 percent) have the lowest tax revenues in relation to gdp.

is a Temporary phenomenon

In a reaction, said the spokesman of Finance minister Alexander De Croo (Open Vld), according to figures from the Federal Planning bureau predicts that the rise in Belgium as a temporary phenomenon. That said, his predecessor, Johan Van Overtveldt (N-VA) last year when there was an increase.

“Starting in 2019, provides the Federal agency with a significant decline”, what it sounds like. “The slight increase in 2018 and is in accordance with the national Planning office, especially for companies. The causes are thought to be the increased profits in 2018, that is higher than the gdp, and the measure was taken to ensure that the companies to be paid in advance.”

in addition, referring to the netherlands environmental assessment agency, says the government, The Croo is that the overall tax burden on households at a constant rate. “There is a second part of the taxshift, in which too many jobs have been created. These are the ones that used to be no taxes to be paid, as well as for you. More and more people to work in the macroeconomic figures, the effect of the taxshift for a part of the action.”

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