Teresa Bücker: Julia, You told me at the time, that You have found no good articles on the subject of ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages, as yourself is something happened. I later noticed in my Research that there are no reports that go in depth.

Julia Stelzner: This was the motivation for my Website is “end of the beginning”. I wanted to create a place where women with miscarriages to be honest, and gritty describe their history and to other women in the same Situation will help.

Malin Elmid: Believes that in Germany there is a different way of dealing with miscarriages, or why such experiences are discussed so little?

Julia Stelzner: Yes. Personal Failure, grief, or mental illness in this country are addressed only rarely. This includes specific women’s issues such as desire for children, post-Natal depression and Social Freezing, so the Freezing of unfertilized oocytes.

Malin Elmid: , For me, was not charged to the topic with a taboo, because I have it also, as such, met. When I was 14, said, for example, my teacher in Sweden, quite frankly, that the reason for the absence of a miscarriage. So I was faced early on, before I even ever thought of children.

Teresa Bücker: I can still remember, that I am sent from the emergency room from an e-Mail to my Boss, I wrote to her that I had to undergo surgery due to an ectopic pregnancy. She pushed then, but in the Team a other disease because she thought that I wanted to talk about it. I wondered about that, because we are at “Edition F” is a pure woman’s office and it is just for the Younger ones it is important that you know something. The reaction, however, has shown that this is taboo.

Julia Stelzner: you Can now open your miscarriage talk to Strangers? To me it is like the first time hard. Up to my experience report, I was released on the “Edition F”, it took months. Before the show I had heart palpitations. It is at once something Private. Something that has hurt you. The Feedback on my Text, I have noticed, however, that it is extremely important that women talk about these kind of experiences, not only positive, to create awareness. Easily but it is not.

Malin Elmid: When I was with two embryos pregnant, I’ve got one in the ninth week lost, I had no problems to tell. The Situation was different – I had a healthy baby in the belly. In the Interviews for my book, a few women report that they have spoken very early in their pregnancies. You then had to tell of their abortions and have said to me, how naked you felt. Because you are no longer able to self-determine with whom, you talk about it, and so labour knew then colleagues of your miscarriage. At the same time, the open relationship can be helpful, for yourself and for other women and men with Similar experience.