Christian Stucki don’t want to swing The swing the king speaks a word of power Christian Stucki pleads for the season 2020 to cancel. And: The Zeeland giant of a man has discovered during the Lockdown his green thumb.Marco Oppliger1 Kommentar1Christian Stucki appeals to the Fairness of The tuning king calls for same conditions for all transducers.Photo: Christian Pfander

There are those moments in which Christian Stucki on Sunday, sitting in the morning with his wife and two sons at Breakfast, on the clock, looks up and thinks: “Now, the second course would be.” In a world without Corona, the wreath would be festive season now in full swing. On Sunday, the “Sea” occurred, Stuckis Home would have. But, in a world with Corona, he swung a long time – he can’t even remember when he was last in a resonant cellar. So the Lyss out of sleep on Sundays and spends time with the family. “This is, of course, also beautiful and quite relaxing,” he says, “but I miss the Swing anyway.”

2019 Stuckis year. In August, the 1,98-metre giant swing king was honored in December as the athlete of the year. Stucki was here and there, asked, somehow, everywhere. And so he said the end of the year in the face of this newspaper: “The family came in last time. I will have to attend in the next year, fewer appointments.”

The vibrating stübli as a greenhouse

Five months have passed since then. Stucki is sitting in his swing parlor, surrounded by wreaths and cow bells, and smiles. Very quickly he had arranged himself with the Situation, he get a taste of what’s to expect him, if he will one day hang the Zwilchhose on the nail. Not to spend “every night of the week away, in Training or otherwise, on one occasion, but at home, which I enjoy.” And the swing the king discovered his green thumb. His father, a locksmith, made him the raised beds. During the Lockdown planted Stuckis lettuce, Kohlrabi, onions, garlic and Broccoli to. As he tells it, he looks at once to a tray with seedlings. Chili, peppers and tomatoes, “pulled it all yourself”. But because they are still too small, you will remain for the time being in his swing parlor, “it is the perfect greenhouse”. The gardening gives him Fun, and he combines this with a learning effect for the sons. “So you learn that you can’t buy the vegetables at the wholesale distributor.”

“to Not have to be every evening to spend the week abroad, in Training or otherwise, on one occasion, but at home, which I enjoy.”

The sports world may just stand still, but you will continue to turn – eventually. The white also Stucki. Which is why he converted his Garage a few days after the Lockdown to a gym to exercise. Until the question of the meaning presented itself after a couple of weeks ago: “What I don’t stemme regular Weights, if I know when we can once again swing?” Now Stucki is 35 years old and much older than his closest Challenger. And he has a shorter face. According to fatal it would be to grind the reins. So he goes new ways. To be an athletics coach Tommy Duke has launched in the last few weeks, an online program, a combination of strength, endurance and interval training. Stucki began to follow his wife to the instructions of the Coaches on the screen, sometimes with a neighbor trained with. “So we can suffer together, I had to make a stupid spell. This is easier for me, as a tear alone at the Weights,” he says. And since last week he’s sweating not only in the home office, he may also work 1:1 with Duke together.

The requirement of the ESV

The Motivation, therefore, is returned. But the question of when it again starts, which has not yet been clarified. The Situation is confused. In Central Switzerland, in the North-East, North-West and South – West of the Swiss part of the Association, all of the wreath festivals have been cancelled. Why in the once dense calendar, a single Contest left, the oak leaves is delivered: The “upper region” in Frutigen has been moved from June to the beginning of October. For Stucki this is an untenable situation. The swing king agrees with the Athletenrat – in which he also takes the Federal wrestling Association in the duty. It calls for equal conditions for all. This means that If the transducer, the other part can’t swing associations to a wreath, then not to do the Bernese. “It would be smarter if you would have to cancel the season 2020. The ESV has to make a decision.”

“It would be smarter if you would have to cancel the season 2020.”

Swing has become in Switzerland a long time ago to Big Business. And Stucki is not only since his victory at the “Federal” one of the most popular advertising medium. But what if everything fails? Roger Fox, the Manager of Remo cheese-maker, said recently in the “view” that the athletes could escape to contracts because of failure of performances up to 60 per cent of their sponsorship revenue. Stuckis Manager Rolf Huser does not want to speak to such Figures. He refers to the strong sponsors behind the swinging king, and even now it would. “We are trying to help each other, perhaps something in social media,” says Huser. And one way or the other for the benefit of Stucki that he carries on like every other transducer of a work, three times per week, he is as a driver. “We’re fine,” he says.

at some point Corona will be over. The sponsors and the Fans know – and which is also Stucki aware of. To the “Federal” in 2022, he wanted to swing originally more – because he would be 37. Now, of Zeeland, plays with the idea to delay retirement a bit. “Yeah, you’re in the age of the vulnerable,” he says. So he should with his body retaining a bit more “pipäpelen”. So, how does he do with his vegetables.

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