Comment on Corona-loosening – of The summer will be another concert, theatre and club visits are possible again. But the cultural experience is not the same thing.Opinion Judith Wittwer0 comment rhyme Neumarkt theatre, Zurich, state-of-the week of operation, still. Now images will be possible again.Photo: Andrea payer

The big danger is over for now. Infected in March, on specific days, in Switzerland, over a thousand people with the Coronavirus, according to the Federal office of public health, in the meantime, only a few cases per day. The “extraordinary situation” that the Federal Council on the 16. March had announced, has eased.

as a Result, the state government will change from Red alert to Orange; from the 19th century. June, we are just more in a “special situation”. The Executive was at the beginning of the pandemic – the dramatic images from the Italian city of Bergamo in front of the eyes under enormous time pressure, is a rule in the emergency legislation of democratic politics is no longer acceptable.

The ways out of the crisis are disputed. Cantons, the parliaments, and – Yes! – the people on the street must be able to have more say and gather. The Swiss are ball Power since the suspect: We greet a hat! So it is time to terminate the Executive’s self-empowerment and authority of the Federal Council and in the sometimes arduous, but for a broad acceptance as important processes of the Quarreling and negotiating democratic solutions back.

The new Phase does not mean a return to the old normality. The experiment goes on.

The new Phase is not a return to the old normality. Although you may be dancing in the Clubs, at concerts, sing along and movie theater Popcorn to Munch on. Not only tourism, but also the culture wakes up under strict distance and hygiene rules to a new life, and right glad shall have a but at times the oppressive feeling that the Savior state to provide more for our consumption than our culture. The summer will be another theatre between the Plexiglas and tape maybe strange. The experiment goes on.

Thus, the political discourse must not be confined any longer in the debates on the Corona-measures, and economic consequences. It is, as the philosopher Svenja Flasspöhler it has formulated, not only to mask a Yes or a no. Plane flies or not. The Zoo is open or to. Corona is a turning point for our company. Instead of us just give in to the dangerous desire to the Status quo ante add, we should also think about and discuss, what we really need to have a good life.

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