The successor of Glättli – from Berne is the new group leader of the green Aline Trede rises in the hierarchy of the Green. Previously, the 36-Year-old has been as a Vice-group leader of the party in office. 2 Kommentare2Aline Trede speaks during a debate in the national Assembly.(Keystone/Peter Klaunzer/10. March 2020)

The Bernese national councillor Aline Trede is the new group leader of the Greens. This was decided by the Federal house group on Friday. Trede replaced the Zurich Balthasar Glättli, running for the Party chairmanship.

Trede since 2018 Vice-group leader and currently a member of the Commission for transport and telecommunications (KVF). The 36-year-old environmental scientist had not been was confirmed in 2013, the national Council, the seat of the resigning Franziska Teuscher inherited the election in 2015 but. In 2018, after slid for Christine Häsler, in October of 2019, she was elected into the national Council.

As the group President Trede has to coordinate the transactions within the group and for a certain amount of unity among the members concerned. Trede is also responsible for the exchange and coordination with the other groups. By virtue of his office she takes a seat in the office of the national Council.

These tasks do not need to shoulders Trede but not alone. Your to page two Vice President and two Vice-presidents. It is the Geneva Councillor of state, Lisa Mazzone, which provides for the coordination with the small chamber. With the Zurich Bastien Girod is also the amtsälteste is green the national Council on Board, the new Burger Fabien Fivaz was elected in 2019. National councillor Greta Gysin finally, Italy represents-speaking Switzerland.

Generation of the stop-off-roader

It was the Generation of the stop-Offroader-Initiative, which had arrived in the middle of the institutions, said the outgoing group chief Glättli. He had announced on the previous day, the group Bureau on the summer session in new hands. Glättli had held the office nearly seven years.

After the election victory last autumn, the Greens had decided to leave the group peak for the time being, unchanged. The best Team should accompany the on the almost three times the Size of the Mature group in the first months of the legislature. A complete re-election, however, was already planned at that time.

Glättli a candidate for the succession of Regula Rytz (BE) at the party top. The for the 28. March planned election of the party Bureau had to be postponed due to the Corona pandemic. The next Assembly of delegates is done online, you on 20. June.


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