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The crisis of the coronavirus emptied literally of the public purse and fired the expenses of the State. The deficit of the Central Administration in April, the first month to the full state of alarm, doubled compared to the same period of last year to the 23.220 million (2,08% of GDP), almost three times the rate of 8.496 last year (0.68% of GDP). In the first four months of the year the imbalance was 19.929 million (1.78% of the GDP), 2.6 times more than the 7.683 million (0,62%) that scored in the same period last year.

The non-financial income decreased by 30,8% to 15.666 million euros (although in the first four months, the drop is softened to 4.4%). The payments shot a 50.2 percent in the month up to the 50.423 million. But the tax that has been suffered by the confinement and the collapse of consumption, has been the VAT. In the month, on national accounting (the Tax Agency has not yet published its monthly report), the VAT plummeted in April, a 29.2% entering 4.820 million, while Companies did 69.5% to 1.569 million and the personal income TAX, a 13% 5.344 million.

keep in mind that the Treasury postponed from April to may, the declaration of the quarterly VAT and corporate Tax for businesses that billed up to 600,000 euros. The impact is measured, in the collection of the month of April, is of 4.540 million, says the Treasury.

special Measures

Both for the fact that they have approved postponement of tax as because, when comparing with the last year, there were statements that came be festive in the April 20, 2019 in some regions –this year the shift has only affected the Valencia–, “the effect estimated by the Tax Agency on income of April 2020 of these facts amounts to 7.007 million”, details the Ministry of Finance.

The Ministry approved a deferral to companies and freelancers that facturasen less than six million of tax debts of up to 30,000 euros for six months (with four interest-free). The effect of this measure has been estimated at 2.278 million.

that’s in addition To other measures of liquidity for the autonomous communities. “It should be noted, that in the month of April, has completed the upgrade of the deliveries to be made to the AUTONOMOUS communities initiated in the month of march, and that in these last two months has taken the additional charge of that upgrade. In addition, it has advanced nearly one-half of the liquidation of the system of financing autonomous communities of 2018, which was to take place in the month of July”, abounds in the report of the IGAE.