When the former socialist drill a Minister refuses to enter the stage properly, and trumpeted: “I’ve never been in my life from the left to the right!”, then you can repeat this Gag. He is so nice. Because this template has you can, of course, already the most in the bag: Theresia Walser’s satirical Comedy, “I’m like you, I love Apples”, which premiered at the national theatre in Mannheim 2013, pop, funny, eloquent and stage-safe knitted that basically almost only prima Actresses, to let the evening run.

by Eva-Maria Magel

culture editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

this is because even at the state theatre of Darmstadt, Germany, where three of the terrorist-divas of the world play history on a abgeschrabbelten three sofa in the chamber place: Ms. Leila, Ms. Imelda, and Ms. Margot, the women’s Ben-Ali, Tunisia, Marcos, Philippines, and Honecker, who – as the Translator of Gottfried subtle – in contrast to the other equal to the whole of the country was taken away. The GDR is no more, finished. Where you will so crave back in the near future as your Erich, remains for the time being, Mrs Margot’s secret. During the three dictators-First Ladies are waiting for a press conference to announce that your resp to be made into a movie of their life, set free by the piece of their cruel narrow-mindedness, at first diplomatically, then played out by Gottfried (Mathias Znidarec), the Translator.

Gutgeölte black Comedy

to Him, stuck in a rain Cape and, later, with glitter pumps, Director Caro Thum room. Thum has well-versed their own image-rich punch lines with which the text is connected and in front of it treasured to take the gutgeölten black Comedy with too much slapstick or concerns about your sewing machine pace. Your three performers are masters of the small, beastly, bright comic scenes: Inimitable, as Karin Klein, whose bouffant Mrs Imelda showing off even splits, Gottfried the bread bag steal and negligent grandeur of the cakes in addition to your High Heels, in order to consume only the slices of Sausage.