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The last day and at one of the games key of Second division affecting both the ascent as the descent category. That was the scenario that unleashed the perfect storm, at the most inopportune time, when the League sang victory for having managed to finish the championship in First division without any incident worth mentioning related to the pandemic coronavirus . The positive of seven players and five technical Fuenlabrada dynamited the final of the competition in the division of silver and puts the tournament in a horizon uncertain surrounded by the demands of multiple computers that are considered impaired.

The main of them all is the Sports , not only because it was the rival of Fuenlabrada and could not play the game Monday, but because it considers that the non-celebration of this mourning affected the rest of the parties and therefore to your descent to Second division B. Holds the club galician rivals in the fight to avoid the loss category not felt the same pressure as if it had been held the meeting of Riazor. And with this argument they will go to the Competition commission to ask for a repeat of the last day. If a dependent organ of the Spanish Football Federation does not meet their demands, shall claim before the Appeal Committee. Are the two instances mandatory before going to the Administrative Tribunal of the Sport and the ordinary justice system.

Pose no show

The decision of these latter two instances, especially the courts, would lead to months and even years of waiting. For that reason, from the entity deportivista pose an alternative that does not adversely affect the rights of any of the clubs and that would be a new expansion in the silver category of Spanish football to 24 , which would lead to the permanence of both the Numancia as the Sporty, lowered in the controversial final day, as the galician team, although to win his party’s slope could never be saved if they are kept as valid the results on Monday.

“we’re Going to report that the last day is irregular, and that has been a serious breach of the principle of equality. Let’s get to all the fronts, in the order that corresponds to, because we have been run over without eating it nor drinking it,” said the president of Deportivo, Fernando Vidal, who insisted:”we will Go all out because it seems to me regrettable and shameful what has been done, leave to a club without being able to play. And the club that has the infection, the negligent, benefited out. It is unfair not to save the principle of equality in a League in which we play all that much, it is the height of insolence”.

For his part, the advisor of the club galician Richard Barral said that “in the first place what you are going to ask the Sports is the repetition of the day, because they have violated all principles of fairness, competitiveness, and cleaning, of fair play and all. Nobody in their right mind can argue that what has been done has been bad. If the last two days are done at the same time it is for something”, he defended.

And it is at this point that the lawyer’s club of a coruña slipped the possibility of raising the League and the Federation, the expansion of the Second division the next season until the 24 clubs participating: “We have to go to a situation of equity, that no one is harmed, and it would be that Deportivo and Numancia remain. There is neither reason nor legal, nor moral, nor ethical to have taken this decision,” he said. And in the case that it does not meet their requirements, the entity in the province raises the possibility that the team is not present at the meeting with the Fuenlabrada that could be fixed in Riazor for the 30 of July.

Resources of Elche and Rayo

The appeal of the Sport are also added to the clubs allegedly harmed in the upper area of the table, the Elche and Rayo Vallecano, protesting the fact that the Fuenlabrada known the results of the last working day before the celebration of the party with the outstanding club of a coruña. Elche, who won his party at Oviedo but that depends on to keep the sixth place of the Fuenlabrada, expressed their disagreement through a press release: “As a sign of professionalism disputamos the game because of not having done so, we would have exposed a sporting sanction for failure to appear. We, athletically, we talked in the field, but it is evident that it has taken a decision that directly affects the integrity of the competition and that we believe that is not fair”, made the Elche in their writing.

In the case of a Beam, the positive Fuenlabrada also affected him because a player of your template, the front of the franco-moroccan Yacine Qasmi, breaking the protocol of LaLiga, was having dinner several days ago with a player of Fuenlabrada and for that reason, when their coach Paco Jémez knew that fact, withdrew the eleven holder. “We do not accept this resolution be very detrimental to the sports interests and economic and we will take all legal actions to defend the interests in the face of this grievous outrage,” said the madrid club in their press release.