The 3-0-pandoering of Real Madrid on the field, a battered, FOLLOWING the openingsmatch in the Champions League, it is hard, when we arrived in Spain. The Spanish press was out in their reviews immediately after the game is also not nice for the Belgian Red Devils and Real: Eden Hazard and Thibaut Courtois.

AS: “Hazard was a missing”

The analysis of the Spanish newspaper, AS it was not very tender. “The team Zidane played, disorganized, and without any malice. Bale was the only one at the level of the Switch was missing,” was the. In the spelersbeoordelingen had Courtois and Hazard to the to pay for it. “Thibaut Courtois failed in the first goal from Di Maria because he is the first pole, and are not, but smaller. Unusually for a goalkeeper. For the second goal, he reacted quickly enough. In the second half, and he was really good in the hand. However, it is much less of an impact than what is expected of them.”

Photos: AXIS

“Eden-Hazard-dropped it on the left, however, his qualities, but in Real there is more to it and at the moment he has taken up the challenge not at all. He was joined by James, as first to replace them. The switch is still physically in good order, and that it shall be of the essence for the performance.”

Marca: “Courtois means they will not be against you”

“Di Maria makes Madrid, of lead crystal”, was how a Real newspaper Marca to the, together. Social proved to be afterwards, especially in hard-to Thibaut Courtois. “However, Courtois keep them, not against them. He is not a direct wrong, but it will stop the balls, too. They are not responsible for the defeat, but he does not stop her. His defenders help him out, but he also does not provide any security. There is also a problem. The first real chance of FOLLOWING the ball in. He was able to do more, but flaterde not. Keylor Navas, saw it all happen, from the goal”, went on to the spelersbeoordeling a little sneertje.

as for the Switch, showed Social a little compassion. “For a Hazard, it was a night to prove that he is the galactico it is, but he’s still pretty much the entire match, on an anonymous basis. The switch to hid, but he wasn’t the main character. He misses his best level. It was Zidane it with 2-0 on the pitch.”

The points of a Social < / P> France Football: “We were, however, expected to become a Hazard at Meunier”

you can Also France Football, everything points to Thibaut Courtois (4/10) and Eden Hazard (3/10). “We have a lot of a Hazard is expected, especially compared to Thomas Meunier, who is not determined to be the best defender in the world. But we have to wait still… very, very, Very invisible, and the whole 54 balcontacten, 1 doelpoging), the Belgian international will not be in order to have good things to show for it. The picture is of an offensive, no knowledge of Real Madrid. His kick from outside the box in the 16th minute was a perfect example of this. It may be that, as the former star player of Chelsea, a little bit of time is needed in order for the automatic, with its new soldiers and to strengthen it, but it was most evident in the explosive strength and finesse, are a few of the actions. As a result of the attack in which his nose in the grass and ended up in the 67th minute. And he was unsurprisingly substituted for Lucas Vazquez. Disappointing.”

The Guardian: “there is Only one interested spectator,”

In the English-language media, there is very little attention paid to the performance of Eden Hazard, and Thibaut Courtois, are all significant. The Guardian is a strong case or extenuating circumstances to playing point guard: “the Switch was made in the first half, just an interested spectator in the second half, he got the ball deeper, ask questions, and cut out a couple of times, starting from the left. But he’s playing like he currently is, a player who is still recovering from an absence due to injury.”

for More about Eden Hazard and De Bruyne will open its Champions League campaign with an assist, Top and a Half-share of the points in Invisible Eden Hazard and Real Madrid’s embarrassing collapse in the FOLLOWING half-strength, and the Thomas Meunier scored Eden Hazard will start against PSG for the first time, according to the Real Madrid Eden Hazard plays the first few minutes of the Real Madrid but Courtois is the hero’s ultimate salvation