The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has announced that he has Instagram, and WhatsApp does not want to sell it after he was on Thursday in Washington, the various politicians have met with, including president’s Home. The Republican senator had to be Done being challenged for the two platforms to sell on.

According to a spokesperson from Facebook was to be Done in Washington to speak to politicians about their concerns and about the future of the internetregulering. “He’s had a good, constructive meeting with the president, He is in the White House today,” what it sounds like.

Earlier in the day, can be Done with a few Republicans, among them senators, Josh Hawley, and John Cornyn, on Capitol Hill. Last year it was Done, there was still questioned in connection with the scandal around the Cambridge Analytica.

Hawley said on Twitter that he and the Facebook founder was challenged to prove that the company is serious, it is around neutrality, privacy, and competition, WhatsApp, and Instagram-to-sell, and to be subject to an independent external audit will be on the censor. He’s got two times no, I said.”

John Cornyn said that he is open to, and respectful of the conversation had to be Done. The two men talked about the responsibilities of the social media platforms, proposals relating to the regulations, the security of the elections, concerns about privacy, and the censorship of conservative voices on social media.

Surveys for Facebook.

Facebook is among the tech companies that are the subject of an inquiry by the House of Delegates round of the competition. In addition, almost all states have to separately investigate the open-to Facebook and Google+.

The company is accused of having allowed the Russian “trolls” are misleading messages are posted to the elections in 2016, it might help you.

In July it said Facebook for $ 5 billion, in connection with a variety of privacyschandalen, including the unauthorized sharing of information of its users with the Cambridge Analytica.

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