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Before the bikes, the health. It had a very clear idea of the Federation of Motorcycle racing and Dorna before reopening a World that is caught, as a whole, by the arrival of the coronavirus. For weeks, the organizers worked on a protocol that would prevent any access of the Covid-19 the planet MotoGP for that this could be developed, within the possibilities, the more “normal” as possible, and begin, finally, this weekend, at the Jerez circuit with the Grand Prix of Spain.

Among the main measures that have been taken, to reduce to the minimum the participants in the World. The MotoGP family, is reduced to a controlled environment of 1,300 people , with less of personal computers and isolated in groups to prevent the spread of a possible contagion.

Since they are all on the circuit of Jerez, but before leaving their respective countries have gone through a test which has given them a negative fit for travel. Further, they were urged to be confined in their own homes the days before taking the flight . Once in Spain, the tests will be daily and random, in addition to following the standards of security with individual protection, masks, face shields and hand-washing . In addition, the distance of at least two metres shall be required whenever possible. The disinfection of the areas that they share will be daily.

the head of Each team registers through an application temperature and possible symptoms of all the workers, who may not leave the paddock more than to go to the hotels that recluirán without having contact with anyone from the outside. Also in the garages will allow changes box as it was until now. is Each rider is assigned their own technical , and only they will be able to have access to the bike, with a marked radius of action.

of course, disappears the figure of the umbrella stand, which will be replaced by a single member of the team, and also will be different the scene on the podium. The winning pilots will come out with the trophy already in hand and there will be a distance of two meters between the first, the second and the third . They will be on their own.

The circuit, with aides to the foot of the track to assist the riders when they have a fall, also has established a protocol to prevent these wizards to play the pilot in the event of an accident. Only will be able to meet the bike and it will be the health personnel who take care of the athlete.

The medical center of the circuit has modified their schedules to allow for the attention and to avoid the agglomeration of potential patients. In addition, it has installed a special post for all those who can present symptoms. In the same Service Provider, you will have the test fit, and, in case of being positive, will either be isolated within the circuit in a room of confinement or sent to the hotel to start the quarantine or hospital of Jerez, with the who already have a protocol for isolating possible infected.

From the organization to appeal to the individual responsibility of each member of the teams and their pilots. “Please, observe the measures that we have put in place, be strict because the virus is dangerous and it is very important to keep us safe,” said Carmelo Ezpeleta , CEO of Dorna, who also explained that they want to make the races this year a tribute for the deceased by the Covid-19.