An icon that is not shy. Laetitia Casta has no plans to cover up this summer and she’s right: the 45-year-old actress and model is on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar magazine due out next August. For this occasion, the big sister of Marie-Ange Casta has chosen to appear in one of the magazine in the simplest device, as evidenced by the publication shared by the French edition and the sublime star on Instagram.

“Laetitia Casta surprises, surprises herself, and springs up where you least expect it”, writes in the caption Harper Bazaar France, revealing the actress completely naked in front of the lens of photographers Deo Suveera and Pamela Dimitrov. “Rebellious and disciplined, wild and faithful, exposed and discreet, wise and punk, obvious and enigmatic, principles and a lot of tolerance, she is a complex and fascinating whole”.

Through this sublime cover, we discover Laetitia Casta totally captivating, lightly made up and wet hair, posing seated, curled up on the ground and taking care to hide her belly and chest. The 40-year-old wears a simple bracelet on her left wrist as an accessory and reveals her small tattoo on her right foot. The result is absolutely stunning!

This is not the first time that Louis Garrel’s wife has revealed herself in Eve’s outfit on social networks and in magazines. In 2019, she talked about her relationship to nudity while appearing naked for ELLE. “When you come into the world, you’re naked. I don’t have to hide myself”, she confided shamelessly to our colleagues, adding: “I am appalled by the resurgence of a certain puritanism […] Censorship horrifies me. Finally, nudity is an act of rebellion. It is to affirm one’s identity”.

The opportunity for the famous actress and mother to pour out about her relationship with age. “Time passing is my friend. I find it beautiful to grow old. I’ve been waiting a long time to turn 40. Now it’s starting to get really interesting.” As much, to tell you that Laetitia Casta has not finished surprising us. Focus in pictures on the hottest photos of the star on her Instagram page.