The session challenged the credentials of the Russian delegation

In Strasbourg, opened the session of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. The Russian delegation went on session after the return of Russia to the PACE last year. However, its powers have not been automatically confirmed. They challenged the member of Lithuanian delegation to Emanuelis Zingeris. He accused Russia of violating its commitments to the Council of Europe – in particular, the non-performance of decisions of the European court of human rights, as well as the aggression against Ukraine and Georgia. In addition, credentials challenged on procedural grounds, due to the fact that in the elections to the Russian state Duma was also attended by the residents of the annexed Crimea.

the Initiative was supported by over 30 MPs. Now a proposal to block the powers of the Russian delegation will consider the monitoring Committee and then the plenary session of the Assembly.
Member of the Russian delegation Leonid Kalashnikov said that if the powers of the Russian delegation will be limited, she will leave the PACE session.

a Number of MPs also proposed at the session of the urgent debate on “the lack of democracy in the political process” in Russia, but the proposal was rejected.

the Credentials of the Russian delegation were limited after the annexation of Crimea. Few years, the Russian representatives did not participate in the sessions. But last year, the PACE changed the rules, paving the way for the restoration of the Russian delegation. She returned to PACE.In protest the session then left the delegation of Ukraine. In this session she takes part. The representative of Ukraine Mariya Mezentseva appealed the appointment of the Deputy of the state Duma Peter Tolstoy to the position of Vice President of PACE. On his candidacy should be a separate vote.

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