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Knowing by the experience of a century that the titles only earn when the bird is in the hand, not when it still flutters, Real Madrid do not want to triunfalismos. There are two points to be champion and Zidane, the man of a thousand tactics, has dialogued with the team, to concentrate on the final tomorrow against Villarreal. The challenge is to fix the League already. But whatever happens in the two-day slopes, what is certain is that the success of the work done by Gregory Dupont, Javier Mallo, Hamidou Msaidie, Roberto Vázquez and José Parrales is obvious. The physical training of the leader is unquestionable.

Dupont is a specialist in the recovery of the player after each game, a scientist of the subject; the results confirm that

Today, two years ago Dupont won with France the World cup in Russia. Your wisdom to retrieve the players was essential in that success. Zidane decided from that day that had to sign him. Had to wait a year. And in their first season together they have the League to throw for two points.

Ramos, the captain, has defined well the change of the Real Madrid from February to June, a stage in which Dupont and its specialists have revolutionised the template: “The confinement, came to us very well to reflect.” The white set, in fact, was not fine in march and the trend was not conducive to win the League. Won 2-0 at Barcelona, yes, but he lost to Levante and Betis after having tied with Celta at the Bernabeu. The confinement made him think of the veterans. He had time to react. Dupont took over the reins of the physical preparation-home to transform the shape of the group.

Zidane decided to sign Dupont on July 15, 2018, after seeing to win France the World cup. The belgian was the fitness coach Deschamps. Zidane had to wait a year to bring

The players have praised the work of the physical trainer of belgian in the landfill. is electronic communications, addressed a few workouts varied and demanding, that they worked all of the muscles of each player. The professionals emphasized the amalgam of exercises to keep in shape in that difficult situation.

Finish the running of the bulls, came to the raw time of the truth, return to work field of a few players who had not run long distances on the turf for sixty days.

28 days from prior work on the lawn

The intensity of work imposed by Dupont claimed its victims in the form of injuries to be expected, since the change of practice had the VAT added. Jovic and Mariano came played in the confinement and in the first days fell Nacho, Lucas Vázquez and Isco. But the rest of the campus came in a state of optimum physical and working at the grass became excellent.

Dupont and his aides had twenty-eight days to do a “pre-season” field before facing the Eibar on June 14. is Everything was scheduled. Was your plan of recovery to get to the competition one hundred per cent. In twenty-four sessions combined physical work with the ball. Three days had the ball as the protagonist. A single day was fully physical.

The first twenty-one days of the twenty-eight were too strong for the campus.

there Were six working days in each of the first two weeks, only a free date, and on may 21 gave “feast”, a respite, with games of football-tennis and rondos. In all of these sessions combined physical work with individual exercises with the ball, without being able to bring together all the players in a match, by sanitary restrictions.

it Was from the 1 of June, when Zidane was able to work with all the players together and the plot physical lost true weight, to give way to the matches in the stadium Alfredo Di Stefano on 6 June. But the base power, speed and endurance was achieved. Zidane addressed eleven sessions before measured at Eibar in which focused on the work of strategy and defense, the second key of this success that his men must translate between tomorrow and Sunday. The French coach has praised Dupont and all of those men that work in the shade and that are so important to him. If you finish this League, it will be a victory of all Who are, how are they, what work do they do?

His men in the shadow

Javier Mallo is the right hand of Dupont, who prepares all the sessions until the minimum detail. A scholar of the physical preparation that is studying to be a technician First. A scientist of football, but with a left hand magnificent and a gift of clothing.

Hamidou Msadie is the right hand of Bettoni and the link between the decisions of the technicians and the body of assistants in Spanish. Your work is silent because he barely hears, deaf because it just carries out orders and blind because it tries to pass unnoticed. For Bettoni is indispensable.

Roberto Vazquez offers sessions innovative for the porters, without overdoing it in modernity. You have found the perfect balance between modesty in the locker room and the importance he has for Zidane. Trust a lot in him. Man of the house, you know where to play and humility, and his wealth of workouts is its label.

Jose Parrales is the recovery physical. The injured should pass by their testing. He dosed and does necessary tests before putting them back into circulation.

All of them are Zidane and Bettoni decided according to Dupont .

The accounts to be League champion

Two draws are worth

The Real Madrid only needs two points to become the champion. You should play against Villarreal and Leganes, and if you equalized the two parties would be champion, so, today adds four points more than Barcelona and has the coefficient particular, in case of equal final points, as in the classics tied it up in the Nou Camp and won 2-0 at the Bernabeu.

If he wins tomorrow, title

If it expires at Villarreal or the Leganes will also be a champion. You may lose one of the two parties if it expires in the other.

If the Barcelona ties, title in white

If the Barcelona only adds a point tomorrow or Sunday, or loses one of the two encounters, Real Madrid will be champion even if he loses the two days, as the catalans could only score three or four points in total, and four points is the advantage that is today the leader.