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All of the parties involved in that World had made a huge effort to try to bring forward a safe, inclusive and fair world championship. The strict travel restrictions that are still in force in Russia, South america and the united States, places where they come from, some of our shipowners and sailors, prevent is to celebrate the regatta. In addition, it seems unlikely that these restrictions can relax before the month of September. Also New Zealand has imposed a severe quarantine for all those citizens who return to the country. And in Spain and Europe are leading to new landfills and an increase of the personal obligations in terms of health.

The safety and good health of the family of the 52 Super Series is a priority for the regatta. It is also a social obligation of the competition to minimize the maximum possible spread of the Covid-19 with trips that are not essential. In addition, any world championship should be a race that no one is excluded to ensure that all teams that would like to fight for the trophy could do so, something that now can not be guaranteed between our international teams.

“We have done everything possible to try to make regattas of the 52 Super Series this season, but most of these attempts and intentions in these difficult months has always been our obligation to ensure the safety of our family. That insecurity remains latent and, therefore, we have to cancel this race and accept our fate, but knowing that we have a fantastic season for 2021 with new places in which to sail and new equipment that we are sure you will be eager to get out to compete and share the passion for this sport with our existing equipment” , says Agustin Zulueta, ceo of the 52 Super Series.

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