The war trauma specialist psychotherapist Dr. Steinfeld is murdered in his practice. While Commissioner Johanna Stern (Lisa Bitter) is surprised in her Research that victims and perpetrators gave in Steinfeld’s practice, the door handle in the Hand, upper Commissioner Lena Odenthal (Ulrike Folkerts) a first track on track: on several occasions by the police of the completely desperate Mirhat Rojan (Cuco Wallraff), one of the patient’s Steinfeld’s, who lost his two children in an air RAID in Iraq is to be noticed. He is planning an attack?

the attack seems to also follow Heather Miller (Lena Drieschner). You used to be Screenerin in the United States, to Dr. Steinfeld depression attested, whereby she was transferred to Ramstein. This Situation has plunged into a crisis.

How understandable these motives, we asked experts and how realistic is it to work in Ramstein will be played.


question 1: Dr. Steinfeld, a war trauma specialist psychiatrist, is slain. His colleague, Dr. Christa Dietrich ( Beate Maes) reports: “I have to see in practice a number of patients totally freak out”. An exaggerated representation?

answer Dr. Andrea Scheutz (psychotherapy in Hemayat, center for torture and war survivors in Vienna):

Yes, this is significantly oversubscribed. It must not be forgotten that it is in the case of civilian persons, particularly to recipients of violence and non-violent actors. In addition, the Trauma does not break out immediately from the Concerned. The people to come to the run, are first some time in security, and only then, symptoms become noticeable. For some twenty years. The individual symptoms in the trauma of the War range from all forms of mental disorders, such as perception disturbances, apathy, Depression, compulsive acts, right up to hallucinations, so-called Flashbacks, where a Person is experiencing an earlier danger situation than is currently the case. In the somatic area there can be values to chronic pain, sleep disorders, Nausea, loss of appetite, eating disorders, respiratory disorders, severe headaches, extreme fluctuations of vital signs, to come to cognitive impairment, memory or concentration loss. I have, however, seen as never said, that a danger for others.


question 2: When you murdered Dr. Steinfeld were some former drone pilots from the Air Base Ramstein in therapy. The chief public Prosecutor (Max Tidof), is confident: “only the radio signal forward since, due to the curvature of the earth, is it?” (Minute 31). Steinfeld’s colleague, Dr. Dietrich then: “There should be journalists who believe that some of the drone pilots work from German soil.” How is working in Ramstein?

answer by Christian Fuchs (Co-author of the book “the Secret war. Like Germany, the fight against Terror is controlled“):

This is interesting, because I know of no reputable journalists claiming that drone pilots working from Ramstein. So, as the American drone system is built, that made no sense. The pilots are really in the United States, in the Cockpit, mostly in the desert, like in Nevada. But everything else takes place in Germany. In addition to the radio signals, which is shown here correctly in the “crime scene”, there is also a “AOC”, so an “Air and Space Operations Center”. This is like the command bridge of a drone attack or a drone mission. The commander, give the Signal that a missile is shot down, sitting in Ramstein. It is not only the technical facilities, but also the one that give the orders are in Ramstein. At the end of the Pilot this, but in America. Even if he has no Power, but simply the Executive body. To assert, therefore, that drone pilots sitting in Germany, too, is nonsense. But nevertheless, the Air Base Ramstein, is one of the important system that can condition the people who work there, quite a trauma.