In the vicinity of Dortmund, the former Bergmann, Andreas Sobitsch shot on the river Bank. His home was an old mining settlement in Recklinghausen. Commissioners Peter Faber (Jörg Hartmann), Martina Bönisch (Anna Schudt), Nora Dalay (Aylin Tezel) and Jan Pawlak (Rick Okon) go to search in the social environment of the victim on track.

The former tight-knit community of miners is increasingly divided into two camps. On the site of the colliery, Sophie Charlotte, which was closed a few years ago, opened a “world of experience of the coal and steel” – to find new, adequate Jobs in the Region, is difficult. Many feel as the losers of structural change and the mining company left in the lurch. While Sobitsch had used until recently for the interests of the miners, Klaus Radowski (Peter Kremer) is of the view that the members should accept the offer of the mine – a severance payment of € 20,000 lump sum for each. He sees himself as a mediator, but some of the miners consider him a traitor. In the course of the investigation, references to the Compounds of some of the colliery members of the extremist circles. The Sunday evening Thriller at the test of Reality.


question 1: The Piper Sophie Charlotte in Recklinghausen is of course fictitious. When was closed the last coal mine in the Ruhr area?

reply from Ulrich Aghte (speaker of the RAG Aktiengesellschaft):

The last active coal mine in the Ruhr area was the coal mine Prosper-Haniel in Bottrop, which was closed a few weeks ago, in December of 2018. Also in December, the mine was Ibbenbüren closed. This is no longer in the Ruhr area, but still in North Rhine-Westphalia.


question 2: In the Dortmund “Tatort”, the former mountain people as the losers of structural change: for years, to be unemployed with a severance fobbed off. What is being done for the former mate?

reply from Ulrich Aghte:

The miners are well-trained skilled workers, for example, electronics technician/electrician and mechatronics, and therefore, employable. You have many years of experience and have worked in shift operation. Just in industry, but also, for example, in the case of the professional fire brigade, are looking for such people. In addition, there was also an internal job placement. In the last few years, we have taught tens of thousands of new Jobs.

in Addition, there is mining there is also a relatively generous early retirement scheme, especially for those who worked underground. Relatively, because of course you have to also consider that people have made for decades is a tough job.

The former mountain men and their families no longer live in, as a rule, in the colliery settlements in the immediate vicinity of the mine. Of course, the apartments continue to be used, they are often still very nice. The normal rental housing. From a leisure Park on the colliery site, as he is described in the Film, not is me, also nothing is known – where the Yes would be a reprehensible idea.