A dead man is pulled out of the Ilm, he wears leather clothes and spring accessories. “Hippies in Thuringia? Nah!“, Commissioner Lessing (Christian Ulmen) and snorts, and he is right: Instead of as a flower child of the man is identified as “Indians”. More specifically, it is Wolfgang Weber, the owner of the theme Park “El Doroda”. In “El Doroda” to feel that the visitors in the Wild West moved, entertained by costumed employees, for which the Whole is far more than a profession. Most of them are dropouts and their novel from life-dominated Western identities around the clock. Judith Wörtche (Lina Wendel), for example, which was formerly a traffic warden in Erfurt – “Any fool has used me as a doormat” – and now the Saloon. She says: “Here are the men holding the hat when you greet me.”

But while the are a with your piece of glorified home happy, cherish others quite material interests in the Park. The engineering entrepreneur Ellen Kircher (Marie-Lou Sellem), for example, has initiated a geothermal bore, called for the killed Indians themselves never wanted to pay, but Amazing results have been promoted. A El Dorado slumbers at the end of “El Doroda”?

For the investigations in this very special environment, a private and professional Couple mandrel-Lessing separates. Kira Dorn (Nora Tschirner) throws himself into the Cowgirl Outfit and gets an Undercover Job as a Western rider, you get, of course, office accommodation on the spot. Lessing (first name still unknown), will continue in his police role, and Kira sub-churning, in order to strengthen your Stand in the “hobbyists”. As he arises spontaneously with a Gang of kajal pen-and-Whisky-loving rockers in “El Doroda” on a regular basis for unrest, the inhabitants of the Wild Weimar West, but also slowly in the heart.