The Wolfgangsee: the final frontier. Or as it is called in the “scene of the crime”: “It must be incredibly nice to the area on vacation.” So Bibi Fellner (Adele Neuhauser) says it, as she rides with the colleagues Moritz Eisner (Harald krassnitzer) in the car to St. Gilgen. Eisner replied with his own Grimm: “Yes, and incredibly expensive”.

But from the front: on The Wolfgangsee, divers find a car. When the camera shows the car at the start, under the water, it looks like a U-boat, the searchlight, the Dark of the depth of cut. But it is a in the lake gerutschten car with amazing long-lasting battery; the control a Dead Hand clutching a gun.

From the Off to Philosophical of Eisner: “I carry a gun on your belt, but weapons can not decide what is right and what is wrong in this world”. The pensive murmuring connects the dreary underwater with a shooting the basement scene. There, he clasped a gun. He fires you even. The mandatory Training. The news of the body in the Wolfgangsee saves him the Rest of the Exercise, he can not stand.

The fire service of St. Gilgen into the car and corpse out of the water. The investigators conclude on the basis of a wound: The young driver is not drowned, she died of a bullet. On the phone of the dead, a journalist, found photos, old newspaper articles about the former German defense Minister Karl Lütgendorf (Peter Appiano), stumbled through the dark, arms exports, and in October 1981, took his own life.

Already, this was not a suicide, believe a sprightly pensioner with a police-past (Peter Matic), close to the site with a dog, a Canary, and Museum Mature TV lives, and the journalist gave shortly before her death, a note. They fell probably by the same perpetrators to the victims, as the politicians worked.

Prompt to get it Fellner, staring at a vodka bottle, and Eisner, swears by midnight searches on the computer to Miles Davis in the Background to do after a leisurely first explorations with the officers of the “Directorate-General for internal security”, the ask not rocking the boat of the “old, musty, featureless dust,” the Minister history. Let’s see how long this will work.