“O man, the money is only a Chimera!” What infuriated Karl Marx once, and today, Economists from the rooftops beeping, knew of the childish Christian way, Morgenstern hundred years ago. The highlight of his poem – the one, the other collects in it, “heel money” – but a different one: It works. The two men share the imaginary money, “and buy the world”. What traders, brokers, hedge Fund managers do? And you do like – whether it’s cum, whether ex – facades behind obscure financial product. Already so no one will notice the dizziness.

The Christmas”scene” is not the thing with the facade literally and again. A dark and mystical, even the police uneinnehmbarer tower in the middle of the financial Babylon of Frankfurt is here steep and powerful for the hermetic, addictive world of Clouds of all productivity decoupled big money do. Even one of the High priestesses (Katja Flint) in this temple of Mammon, behind an opaque tower society “from the Caucasus”, in a Moment of weakness: “you want to get out, and then you can get out.”

The least secret of this mysterious world, the “secret sex parties”. Apparently, investors need to be in a good mood held, although the specially-developed Micro-Trading Tools generate a tidy profit. The investigations are now triggered by the excesses of a young woman, a murder, perhaps a Sexunfall came to death – maybe – but because it threw the victims from the roof of the house. The capital is not hiding his corpses, but she spits merciless. Since Commissioner Paul Brix (Wolfram Koch), the clean man who stands at night in a traffic jam (behind a street cleaner), ventures into the busy photographer Anna Jannecke (Margarita Broich) alone in the tower, in which a suspicious Person is detected.

Of Excess

Brix, at last, arrived, can call for his dejected colleague, only to the ambulance. Her skull-brain Trauma is associated with an impaired perception, which brings us on to the hospital hallway and soon the “crime scene”-shock moment of the year. Like a rampaging bull global Brix launches meanwhile, the horns of the stump. “Have you noticed, that the front sides and rear but only the front pages?”, he asks the colleagues Jonas (Isaak Dentler) with a view to the ominous high-rise building. “Yes, like a pyramid, is it?”

Atmospheric all of this is managed right. Lars Henning (Director and book) and Carol Burandt von Kameke (in-camera) moved the Film almost completely in the Dark, and all the cheerful colors by an oppressive green-brown replaced. Predominantly, the mouse perspective, frightened glances from below. What’s at least moment way seems tangible, beyond then always into the Surreal. Kafkaesque, you may call the welfare, even when K is in the process against a bureaucracy-has thus been taken over Leviathan, which is even more Byzantine. Here, the driving force of the idol seems to be, after all, a servant is clear: naked greed. Money, Power and Sex, these three.