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Alliance Rural, the entity that brings together livestock producers, farmers and hunters, among others, has raised the voice to ask for a non-discriminatory treatment towards bullfighting, as they are part of the cultural activity of our people, and, in addition, generate wealth and productive fabric very relevant to the local economies.

“Although the Spanish countryside has not stopped during this health crisis, it is evident that there are a few sectors that are especially damaged due to the complete shutdown of their activity, as is the case of the farms with native bravo and across the sector of the bull”, they warn in a statement. And in this situation “so extraordinary, and terrible economic consequences and environmental, up to the moment on the part of the central Government has not arranged any line of extraordinary aid that allow to mitigate the losses of this pandemic.”

Also, according to continues to the note of Alliance Rural measures of economic reactivation and opening of bullfights that have been set in RD and suppose a strangulation financial in the sector, which make it unfeasible for the celebration of bullfighting, and, in turn, are discriminatory with regard to social distancing measures established for the rest of cultural activities.

on the other hand, it is important to highlight the importance of the livestock of bravo and bullfighting as attractive to the tourism in interior and rural areas, precisely at a time where the promotion of the tourist activity is a priority to boost the economy of the country, it must take care of the same way the investment in promotion and cultural preservation of our traditions and of our natural heritage.

In Spain there are 927 farms bravo spread over 250,000 ha primarily for areas of High Natural Value, as is the dehesa, and their foster extensive and respectful with the environment.