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In the worst moments is when arises the best of people. And also of the institutions. In the world of sport rugby is a method very special, with values of fellowship and generosity that set it apart from the others; and in this field, the Cisneros has a different touch. In spite of the military in the maximum national category, both in men as in women, with no tabs professionals, but with players committed to their ideology. “We are a club of quarry, a large family, and in our essence is to be a social entity,” says their president, Gonzalo Barbadillo . That’s why, when it emerged an emergency, such as the Covid-19 , it was clear that they had to help and give something back to the society in function of their possibilities.

“In the first days we organized a campaign of blood donation among our players and fans that had a lot of follow-up,” indicates John Peter Brolese, the director complutense . But soon that timely action is transformed into another of greater weight, a little by chance. “My partner and we started to bring food to the health of the Twelve of October in the moments of greatest saturation,” he says Daniel Bañón, owner of the Restaurant Triana (Narváez, 48)– because we wanted to use our kitchen to help others. And when they were so in a hurry there arose the opportunity to collaborate with Cisneros, who from the first moment turned with the initiative.”

With the power that new technologies, it soon gave way to a system in which you could participate throughout the social mass of the club. Every one in the extent of their possibilities. “We decided to collaborate with Messengers of Peace and the Red Cross in their social eaters, he continues, Barbadillo–. Basically we look for the financing (“crowfunding”) among our friends and partners to buy the supplies and then provide the labor to pack and distribute the menus”. With so much success that the initial target of 4,000 euros is exceeded and now aspires to double. “We’re taking docientas meals a day to the sites where they need it and we are all delighted,” confesses Brolese, which delegated part of the organization in their masters of the honors division.

Both Tincho Barone as Alba Vinuesa mobilized their templates to organize shifts of volunteers to cover the needs of the service. “Each week we make a list of people who can go in the morning or afternoon and not only are pointing to players, but also family and friends,” admits the captain. Among the requirements are having at least one conductor in each group, for apart from the pack and to load the menus, “we must bring them in a few coolers in our car or in the van of the restaurant and then deliver them at the destination point,” said the responsible male.

So that there is no suspicion, all the operating is designed so that volunteers do not have contact with food, as indicated by the restorer. “To the kitchen only come the cooks, and when they are already prepared dishes, the boys placed on trays and into bags for transport”. At this point, the supplies, have also counted with the collaboration of the usual suppliers of the establishment, that they are donating product with which they expect to extend the campaign for two more months.

“we’re very motivated,”

“All of us are very motivated, because we feel that we are doing something important for others,” says Alba, for whom the problems I have been afraid of in the day-to-day (the movement in the days of maximum confinement) is solved with success. “ Llévabamos a laissez-passer that we were doing volunteer and we were lucky that we stopped by to go over one in the car”, he smiles. And even if it had been, sure that the agents they had been attended with the same happy face that the people who deliver the bags with the food. “They are very grateful and, although at first did not know us and they missed a little, now as we come getting down for all to help download. It is a joy too big to be able to be of help,” says Barone, who is also pleased to be part of a collective like this. “It is true that team sports are more given to the fellowship that the inividuales, but I think that rugby has a point of union, if it should be”. Yes, you just have to see it in the third time with the that you just each party. In this case, one of the most supportive.