Immediate boarding for a new summer adventure. This Monday, July 10 is broadcast La route des Coffres, a new adventure game refereed by Stéphane Rotenberg on M6. Like entertainment such as The Treasure Map and Beijing Express, the program produced by Studios 89 takes viewers on a Tour de France of the regions.

In The Road to the Chests, several anonymous candidates compete in pairs: brothers and sisters, parent/child duos, but also couples and childhood friends… All have one thing in common: a thirst for adventure and of challenges. Each week, we follow their journey on the show through a great treasure hunt concocted by the famous host of M6. Planet reveals the information on this new program.

At the heart of this new program broadcast from 6:40 p.m., host Stéphane Rotenberg hid several chests “in unusual, unexpected and extraordinary places in France”, indicates the press release from M6. The mission that awaits the pairs in competition: travel the roads of our country at the wheel of their motorhome in order to find these boxes containing precious objects, and thus pocket as much money as possible.

In this great treasure hunt, “three pairs of candidates answer riddles daily to find a chest. The winning duo loads the amount that was there in their motorhome”, explains host Stéphane Rotenberg for Télé-Loisirs. They will also face physical challenges that will put their nerves to the test. But the competition does not stop there for our budding hunters.

“Every day, a new pair will try to get into the game to recover one of the motorhomes… And the kitty that has been collected there”, specifies the adventurer and master of the race to our colleagues. A race punctuated by strategy, change of scenery, as well as encounters and unusual finds on this long course.

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For several weeks, the candidates of La route des coffers criss-crossed the four corners of France. Among the places visited in the show, viewers will discover in particular remote and unusual places that make up the wealth of France. As revealed by M6 in its press release, the three pairs of adventurers traveled through the cities of the Centre-Val-de-Loire, Pays de la Loire, New Aquitaine or even Occitanie and Provence-Alpes-Côte d’ Azure.

However, this long journey has not been easy for the candidates and teams of the show. “We discovered everything!” exclaimed the host of Beijing Express in Télé-Loisirs. “For example, we had planned games of skill with balls that were very sensitive to the wind, which we hadn’t imagined at all. It was unplayable despite the candidates’ attempts”. However, the latter have shown perseverance to go the furthest in the adventure and win the most prizes.

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In La route des coffers, candidates have the opportunity to pocket up to 100,000 euros in earnings on their journey. “Candidates can win up to €3,000 per day,” the channel also tells us. At the end of each show, the least efficient pair will be in danger and replaced by another duo who collects the keys to their vehicle as well as their accumulated kitty.

But, the eliminated pairs will have the right to a second chance. “The week of the final, the duos who have stayed the longest in each of the motorhomes will be able to come back to try their luck and perhaps leave with the final kitty”, specifies the chain. Who will win the first edition of The Road to Chests this summer? Answer in several weeks on M6.