The German swimming Association (DSV) is now without a head coach.Henning Lambertz said on Thursday, after six years of surprisingly his resignation. In a press release of the Association Lambertz justified his step that he had previously found little time for his young daughters and with the resignation of Gabi Dörries as DSV-President two weeks ago.

Christoph Becker

sports editor.

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“in the end, the resignation of Gabi Dörries the Moment who has supported me in my decision again,” reads the statement. Dörries had to get on the DSV-time world no majority for an increase in contributions and was therefore resigned. Dörries have stood by him in the past few years, always as a friend and a mentor, said Lambertz. “With her, I have followed many visions, I can’t imagine me without you.”

the Sporting highlight of the term of office of Lambertz is the victory of Marco Koch in the 200 meters breaststroke at the world Championships in 2015. The Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro were, however, without a medal to be extremely disappointing at the world Cup in 2017 in Budapest 14 German pool swimmer came in eight days to five final appearances, fewer than ever in a world Cup. Lambertz was then criticized for being power concept and uncompromisingly presented requirements.

In the run-up to the European championship this year, Lambertz, conciliatory, in Glasgow, the German basin won the float for a total of eight medals, including the European title for Florian Wellbrock about 1500 meters, and the mixed 200-Meter freestyle relay. The generation change initiated will not accompany Lambertz. DSV sports Director Kurschilgen announced that it will give up to the Olympic Games in Tokyo, not a replacement for the head coach post. The tasks should be distributed in a “coach and team of experts on several shoulders”.