Coronavirus in Iran, The Regime seeks to blame the other is The Corona-pandemic threatened the Power of the Iranian Mullahs. The religious leadership is talking about the disaster – and the Virus as a bio-weapon of the Americans.Tomas Avenarius of Istanbul8 Kommentare8Ein Iranian soldier in a temporary hospital in Tehran, which was built for patients of the new Coronavirus. Photo: Ebrahim Noroozi (Keystone)

If the Doctors flown without borders, it is usually bad. Whether in the case of Wars, natural disasters or epidemics, the volunteer Doctors and nurses only when a government can no longer provide for their citizens medically. Treacherously, then, that the leadership of the Islamic Republic of komplimentierte the Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) from your Corona-afflicted country, before the NGO could start with the work. And, although Iran is one of the hardest hit by the pandemic-infested States. “Even if we would like to thank MSF, there is currently no need for hospitals, to be built by foreigners,” tweeted Alireza Vahabzadeh, the adviser to the Iranian health Minister.

self-righteous words from a country where religious shrines were not closed, although it was clear that the common prayer of the thousands of pilgrims was a high-performance accelerator for the dissemination of the pathogen, especially of the faithful touched the tombs, and kissed. And a country that, in the case of an extremely high number of unreported cases – almost 2500 people to the Virus, fallen victim to have been infected close to 30’000. That close to the pilgrim city of Qom soccer field, large mass graves have been excavated – the seem to show satellite photos – speaks for itself.

– long economic Strangulation of a ride, regardless of whether the year due to international sanctions, or the splitting, incompetence and corruption of the leadership of the Islamic Republic, together with Spain, China, the USA and Italy is one of the hardest by the pandemic-hit countries.

Wild conspiracy theories

it is all The more questionable is the guide. The Supreme spiritual leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, spoke Covid-19 used as “no great tragedy” and subsequently threw the USA, you would have to set Corona as a bio-weapon”, specifically against Iran” in the world and in the development of “the genetic Material of the Iranians”. The Americans offered drugs, the 80-Year-old refused: “Perhaps these preparations are intended to spread the Virus further.”

In her 41 years, has survived the Islamic Republic of countless crises. In difficult phases, the real and conjured up enemies from the outside have to know the country again and again welded together. But Covid-19 as a “great Satan” flagella, has no flag, the of the Friday prayer to burn the American. But also the fight against an invisible enemy requires a recognizable face. I guess that’s why Khamenei resorts to conspiracy theories: Corona is to show the Iranians the face of Donald Trump.

Because Khamenei knows that the pandemic may compromise the religiously legitimated system of rule. The Shiite theocracy is shaken by international Isolation, a catastrophic economic situation, the failed protests of the past years and rampant corruption. On imminent collapse, only the opponents of the Khomeini-Theokraten, all the Trump-government or the foreign opposition does not hope. In the country itself, the ever-worsening economy, it is the situation, the citizens can be just as desperate as the political reform unwillingness of hard-liners. “Corona has missed the Iranian economy in the shortest possible time, a harder blow than the U.S. sanctions,” said Saeed Laylaz, is one of the most popular government-critical Economists of Iran, the “Financial Times”.

Also if the Oil and gas reserves of Iran are among the largest in the world, needs to Tehran to beg because of Corona’s help. The government wants a loan from the International monetary Fund (IMF) in the amount of five billion dollars. The it gets, because the Parliament has rejected the accession to the FATF-the supplementary agreement on the fight against terrorist financing and money laundering; the financing of militant groups like the Lebanese Hizbullah, Tehran puts on transparency are of little value.

The foreign exchange are designed to produce blocks

the country is in the Corona-crisis, largely alone: The Iranian pharmaceutical industry is responsible for 70 percent of the domestic demand, but can be complex products such as cancer drugs because of U.S. and EU sanctions or import. Here, Tehran would have the money: the $ 100 billion in accounts abroad. The Forex can not be withdrawn because of the sanctions but.

Also the connection lines of the few trade partners – above all China are blocked due to Corona. The routes on which Iranian Import and export, scouts, guards of millions of dollars in briefcases to the Sanction over the world, to. Some international manufacturers are ready to supply Corona test kits, said the importer-Union for medical devices: “But you insist that the money must flow through the banks.”

Who is alone the sanctions regime is to blame, makes it but too easy. The main threat to Iran is the corruption, the Iranian Analyst Bijan Khajepour. This will explain the slow reaction of the authorities to the pandemic: The people in charge were “totally demotivated due to corruption and mismanagement,” says Khajepour to “Al-Monitor”.

Who could be hopes, but due to Corona on the collapse of the system, disappointed. The theocracy must share Power already with paramilitary security forces, the revolutionary guards. The benefit to the economy, undermined by the shadow economy under the sanctions regime. You could then take the Power easy.

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