The Belgian men can have Saturday night for the best of the eight volleylanden of Europe’s people. In the Antwerp “Sportpaleis” they start as favourites against Ukraine, the last obstacle on the way to the target quarter. They dream of more. But it does not (yet) an Olympic Games. In spite of everything, it is Tokyo’s very far away.

now, The ” Yellow Tigers did it a couple of weeks ago, it is excellent to have their european cup, even though it was stopped in the eighth-finals. Because of what we have, but in a strange twist of fate, as were the outside forces of the coach’s Girl Of the Trousers, on average, less than 22 years old, and nothing the great of Russia are presented. They have made it quite a challenge, but the mistakes in the key moments that made them the tie. Men’s Saturday, do a better job. “We are seventh in the European rankings,” said coach Brecht Van Kerckhove. “A place among the best eight, so it can be referred to. All that was clever in view of the competition.”

The temptation, it remains, nevertheless, great to see the efforts of our national volleybalploegen to be underestimated with regard to, say, the title of the hockeymannen, euphorically celebrated at the Grand-place in Brussels. Go, of course. Slightly provoked by the bondslui promised, the Brussels-based ships of the Sport, and also the volleymannen to receive it, if you can get a medal win. At the town hall, though. In the market, you will not be filled. In order to have that kind of hype to the fight, you should probably first passed, on to the Games. And that is a very difficult thing. The four European countries will be represented, at twelve of the participants (male and female), while in the old continent, in the men’s half of the top ten places are occupied. Belgium missed out last month, is a first-kwalificatiekans in Rotterdam in the netherlands, is the only ticket that was claimed by the united States, is the number one brand in the world.

One million.

“in the Meantime, we will mathematically be sure of that, in January, we are allowed to take part at the European qualifying tournament for the Tokyo, japan, which is the final ticket to the game,” says Van Kerckhove. As the women reach their destination, still don’t know to pull the Red Dragons to Berlin, where, in principle, with the top eight from all over Europe were invited, to the extent that they have not yet been installed.

“Volleyball is once in a while to be strong in Europe, with the olympic tickets are very expensive,” he says, because Of this Kerckhove. Volleyball is also a part of one of the most global of sports. In the ranking of the men’s covers 176 countries and, for women, 168. Twice as much as in hockey, just to have something to say. “If there are 7 or 70 countries around the world are connected: the first one is always the best. Congratulations to our hockeymannen. It would be our performances, of course, the value of can be estimated, even if the volleyball is very hard to Play, it is the dream of every player. It is the goal of every year, an important reason for all of the sacrifices made. (grinning) , But we are awaiting the focus on Ukraine?”