in Fact, come Saturday morning, early, two of the major Saudi oil installations were attacked. The attack was claimed by the Yemeni Houthi rebels, who are supported by Iran. They warn you to not go far enough. “These attacks have been on our right, and we’re going to, our target is still to grow.”

The attack viseerde the two units of the staatsoliereus Aramco in the eastern province of Bugyag. In practical terms, it is a major oil refinery and is the second largest oil field in the country. This led to various fires, which, however, is not needed, but that the attack would take the production seriously disrupted. The Saudi state television reported that the attack was carried out by two drones, and that there were no casualties.

Who exactly is behind it, it was not to be said. However, later in the day, calling on the Houthi rebels through the Arab news channel al-Jazeera that the attack is on. Their spokesman, Yahya Saree was told that she was ten seconds back.

the Production halted

The production of the two affected plants, it was Saturday night, as a result of the attack is temporarily suspended. The attack resulted in the temporary suspension of production at the sites of Abqaiq, and Khurais,” said Energy minister, prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, in a statement.

the decision will affect about half of Saudi oil production, please let the department know about it. This is equivalent to 5.7 million barrels of crude oil, or approximately five per cent of the world’s production.

the Humanitarian crisis

in recent months, the Houthi’s to their rocket and droneaanvallen in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, op. As many as just last month, dozens of dead and wounded in a rocket attack on the airport in Jizan. According to the united nations, they also have drones, which are able to cover distances up to 1500 km away.

The attacks come as a response to the fact that, in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the past four years, the military is active in Yemen, and the pro-government forces and to sustain them in their fight against the Houthi rebels, who were then in Iran, the arch-enemy of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the support. At the beginning of the month brought the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a bombing raid on the prison by the rebels. According to the Red Cross, and fell, this at least one hundred deaths. The civil war cost the meantime, all of the tens of thousands of Yemenis live. The united nations wants an urgent end to the conflict, because it is a major humanitarian crisis may become even bigger. Millions of people are dependent on food aid.

to US, pointing to Iran

The Us president, Donald Trump has droneaanval condemned during a phone call with the Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman. “Acts of violence against burgerzones and critical infrastructure for the global economy, worsening of the conflict, and the suspicion only, says in a statement from the White House.

According to the American minister for foreign affairs, Mike Pomeo is, Tehran is behind the attacks. He called it “an unprecedented attack on the energy supply of the world.” “Tehran is behind the nearly one hundred attacks against the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, while (in the Iranian government, ed. ) Rohani and ( the Iranian minister of Foreign Affairs, ed. ) Zarif will do if they are concerned with diplomacy,” says Pompeo. “There is no evidence that the attacks are coming from Yemen came through.”

the Iran-Iraq war, deny

Iran denies the U.s. allegations, however, are strongly. “The random accusations is incomprehensible and insane,” said the spokesman of the Iranian ministry of Foreign Affairs. “These remarks are intended to have the reputation of Iran, and to undermine it”, it could be that.

Also, Iraq on Sunday denied to be responsible for the droneaanval. Some sources suggest that the missiles, even from the Iraqi soil could have triggered it. Iraq, a neighboring country of Iran, where a lot of militia groups are active, according to observers, is caught between the two powers, Iran and the united states. Saudi Arabia is a major ally of Washington, as well as the relationships between the Decor and the Troops have been short-term improvement. “Iraq has a constitutional obligation to launch attacks against the allies from the comfort of our territory, and to hinder it”, it could be a reaction of Baghdad Sunday afternoon.

for More on Yemen, What is a group of the rebels by 10 seconds, half of the oil production of the country and lamlegde Separatists and withdraw from government buildings in the Yemeni port city of Aden, U.s. House of Representatives, means the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia against the Houthi-a court in Yemen condemned 30 people to death for “spying”