The presence of a super hero that teaches us not Marvel villain Thanos, who can extinguish it with a snap of his fingers half of the universe and a whole bunch of world-savers to despair – we guarantee that all of sinister’s disappearance. But without super-heroes the world is of course even worse off. Such a Istanbul: “The Protector now gets”. He is not rooted in American Comics, as countless of his colleagues, but a 2016 published fantasy book by the Turkish author Nilüfer Ipek Gökdel. Netflix has made it into a ten-parter.

is Told from Hakan (Çagatay Ulusoy), close to the Grand Bazaar-living youngster. The day Hakan starts with push-UPS and pull-UPS. A tourist, who has ordered a rug in the Antiques business, Hakan’s father, falls for him at the time of delivery of goods. In the evening beer in the Club rounds off the day.

Hakan dreams of an own business, and expressly not in the Bazaar, but in a modern shop premises, as it is elsewhere, just empty. Together with his roommates Hakan has visited the object, and found that you can see from here, even the high-rise, the multi-millionaire, Faysal Erdem. Erdem (Okan Yalabik) is Hakans Idol. He brought it from humble beginnings to an Empire.

With the shirt on the chest, it can be hot coals

Both paths will cross and touch. Still not touched it, Hakan, that Also has an eye on the landmarks of Istanbul: the Church was built, and later as a mosque used by the Hagia Sophia, the founder of the Republic, Kemal Atatürk, in 1935, declared the wisest way to the Museum. In the Antiques business of Hakan’s foster father, a wife and now, to find a rich Client, an old Ottoman shirt. A failed Sale transaction later on – the fabric finds håkan in the basement, but the Delivery is not as Gory as wunderlich – do we know why the lady any sum for the shirt would have been. It is a “talisman shirt” that protects its wearer like no other. In the Topkapi Palace are some of such shirts.

The copy is in the basement – magical. It has been waiting for Hakan, the fate of the “Protector” has intended. With the shirt on the chest, he can handle hot coals, pistol bullets bounce off him. If he can also have the “Immortal” in the barriers, is two “faithful” of a secret order, in Istanbul, and who is this guy, anyway, you see. First have to get used Hakan in the idea to be the Savior of a between the East and the West-lying metropolis. In the probably be a little more Frank adapted out of the book it is said, of the Balance of Istanbul, the Balance of the world depends.

As one reaches for the Popcorn and hopes ,”The Protector” in addition to a super hero party with a self-conscious super-hero-teacher (Hazar Ergüçlü), super-hero-Flirt (Ayça Aysin Turan) and evil villain-agents (Mehmet Kurtulus Erdem’s ruthless security chief Mazhar). An ancestor of Hakan was already in the 16. Century in the world of rescue, with Sascha-Lobo-hairstyle. Hood is wearing a Hakan briefly, as he’s “Eugen The Protector” in front of the historical spectacle “assassin’s Creed: Revelation”. This is all promising.