The German Bundeswehr takes over on Tuesday, the leadership of the super-fast Reaction of Nato. According to the defense Ministry in Berlin, the land forces of the so-called tip of the spear of the military Alliance in 2019, from around 8000 soldiers. The German army of about 4000, about 1000 workers from other part of the armed forces and sections of the organisation. More soldiers are in Alliance partners, such as France, the Netherlands and Norway.

The official VJTF (Very High Readiness Joint Task Force) called the spearhead of the Nato was set up in the Wake of the Ukraine crisis, and since then has been an Element of the deterrence strategy against Russia. Their special feature is the high degree of readiness. So the forces must be within a maximum of 72 hours to lay, all others in five to seven days. For the soldiers, for example, means that you may not be located within your stand-by times far from the place of employment.

The German force provider of the VJTF the tanks Lehr brigade 9 in Munster (lower Saxony), which had to put their skills in the autumn already in the Nato exercise Trident Juncture in Norway. You will be strengthened in their task by forces from other Large units of the army and forces of the armed forces base, the Central medical service and forces of the newly established organization area of Cyber and information space.