The project in Baden-Württemberg: refugees are supposed to be a train driver


    be a train driver, the dream used to be small guys. Today, however, the staff of the Railways. The resulting gap could be filled by migrants, they decided to in the state of Baden-Württemberg and is a model project developed. Refugees should be qualified to train drivers, or to leaders, as it is called correctly: driving the vehicle. Within 15 months, the refugees should be qualified, wherein you get during the measure, a salary of 2100 Euro gross, much more than an ordinary Apprentice.

    Susanne Preuß

    business correspondent in Stuttgart, Germany.

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    “The project could become a model for the qualification of Refugees”, says Christian Rauch, the head of the regional Directorate Baden-Württemberg of the Federal employment Agency. The support of the measure by Integration coach, as well as job-specific planned language courses. Both the transport Ministry and the employment Agency have provided funding.

    First of all, 15 drivers

    the concept of the need to tailor, it is to be in three model regions tested. In Stuttgart, in the Zollernalb Region, as well as in the area of Karlsruhe/Mannheim first 15 drivers are to be trained. The actions can start, according to the Ministry of transport in the summer of 2019.

    The demand for drivers is high. Not only the Deutsche Bahn is seeking staff, also in Baden-Württemberg railway company Abellio and Go-Ahead, as well as other regional transport companies, and personnel service provider in the field of rail transport are looking for skilled workers, and have participated in the round table, who developed the model project.

    to occupy 1000

    Alone in the southwest were to occupy in the next few years, more than 1000 Points, it is called. “In addition to the many recruitment activities, where the Land supporting the railway companies, the qualification of suitable refugees, a further component, in order to mitigate the lack of staff in regional transport”, explained Baden-württemberg’s transport Minister Winfried Hermann, who has initiated the project.