Wood is a lot cheaper than the other. The trees are massively cut, since they are affected by the typesetter, is a bug that the trees are dug. That being said: Jan Seynhaeve, of Bosgroep in the Zuiderkempen, which are private forest owners to assist with Radio-1.

The anti-alias refers to spruces. In order for the spread to go to, there will be a lot of harvest. And so there’s a lot of wood for sale, having an impact on the price. Last week, it was Seynhaeve is a public houtverkoop in the Ravels. “With 30,000 cubic metres of timber was offered for sale, with 75 percent of those held have been due to the low prices. The price is less than half of normal. Normally we get between 30 to 35 euros per cubic meter, this year for 15 euro.”

the Wood of the spruce is widely used in chipboard, pallets, furniture, and paper. For wood-based fuels, the norway spruce is not as interesting as it is to quickly get powdery, thus Seynhaeve.