Dries Mertens is on his way to become a legend in the City. If the attacker is still a one-time scores are equal, he doelpuntentotaal by a certain Diego Maradona (115 goals in the shirt of Napoli. For the record, Marek Hamsik (121), it is also not far away. The Red Devil is also very popular in the Southern Italian city. All of this will have its advantages and disadvantages.

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This was unveiled He Will be a remarkable story in an interview with the Youtube channel of the Series. “After seven years in Naples, I’m a local now. I’ve got friends for life. It makes me happy,” says Mertens, who is at Naples, known as ‘Ciro’, a local name.” The people come to the stadium with me to see it all, and I’m living my life in the same way as you. It is a wonderful place to live and work in, even though I speak the language or dialect is not perfectly well. Football is an addiction for the young and the old. On top of me, lives a 75-year-old woman, who, after each match, a visit. When I play, I get to congratulate you. I’m playing that bad, do I risk a punch in the face. That is, it would be in Belgium is never going to happen.”

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you can Also Break The 0 – 0 In This Report and Exhibits, As Will the remaining time, the score, rivals, he has the record of Hamsik. An eighth goal as he is the only topschutter ever, for i Partenopei. “I loved him, perhaps not all of those assists have to give up two years ago, ‘ laughs at ‘Ciro’ Will. “If I were in record-breaking, I’ll definitely have to make a call. But first, I need to break it.”

he was as tall in the history, is Will be proud. “This is something I would never have expected five years ago. It means that you have something you can do.”

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