The Central individual credit register of the National Bank in the month of October, an increase of 61 per cent in the number of new mortgage loans compared to October 2018 and beyond adopted in Belgium. In total, in October, to 7.1 billion euros borrowed for the purchase of a home. The exceptional growth rates have been, according to the National Bank, mainly due to the elimination of the woonbonus in the region.

with All the consumer, and residential mortgage loans, which, in our country, can be taken out for business purposes, are required to be registered at the Central individual credit register (CKP). According to the National Bank, in October, a total of 56.269 mortgage loans in Belgium has been reported. This is an increase of as much as 48 per cent compared with september and an increase of 61 percent compared to October of 2018.

As in all regions of the country, with a growth rate, it should be noted on the loans, he saw the Flanders, and a much larger increase. In comparison to the end of October 2018, the number of residential mortgage loans, with an 80 per cent growth in Flanders, compared with 31% in Wallonia and 26% in the Brussels-Capital Region of belgium.

you can Also ask for the individual credit is not specific about the reason for the closing of the loan, the explanation, according to them, the soon-to-be, the abolition of tax-effective woonbonus in the region. That would be quite a lot of individuals have turned to on in order to get a piece of real estate in the future.

on the other Hand, if the National Bank has also an intense increase in the number of refinancings since may of this year, as a result of the low interest rates. There was to be no less than 120 per cent more in renegotiated loans for the past six months, as compared to the same period of the previous year.
More about the Woonbonus Woonlening with a fixed price over a 20-year dive for the first time, the 1%, how is that possible and what does that mean to you? Almost half of property transactions in October, due to the abolition woonbonus will help you get the most out of the woonbonus Woonbonus-knot, well, what if I bijleen and what if I use my loan to purchase a home?