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Joselito, José Tomás and Alejandro Talavante. Does anyone give more? The poster of everyone’s dreams, the cartel volcanizaría the world of the bull. But only one man has managed to collect: Joaquin Ramos , a taurine that dignificaba that word, a taurine with greatness, goodbye to yesterday, more great. For Ramos the bull was their religion, and few scholars are already with your wisdom, with this mode of analysis makes and restraint, to decipher the mystery of the ocean. is Overseer of bulls, what a beautiful craft , although now I want to play some that go all, of judge and party, without disntiguir a bull of an ox.

Overseer of bulls, yes. And of bullfighters. And what eye the his and those bullfighters with Ramos. Formed a tandem that rarely will be repeated. He was the man of confidence of maximum figures that revolutionized the planet taurómaco, of that golden era Joselito-José Tomás, in spite of the entanglements of others with the topic of television.

Joaquin Ramos was loyal to his own. And yours have been up to the end: Joselito, José Tomás and Talavante, who had taken over alongside the first. Can you imagine such an event today? What that final Champions league match or a Davis Cup tournament? There is just the story of “this does not interest anyone”. Let’s dream…

And what about the bulls? Because to take that last (or second to last goodbye-the people you remember will never die at all-there were livestock such as Just Hernandez (Garcigrande) with his sister, Conchita, or Alvaro Nuñez del Cuvillo . Both were two of his farms beloved, among many others, as Jandilla, Victoriano del Rio or John Peter. With the maximum respect to all the breeders of fighting bulls.

There were more people in the bull, such as Enrique Martín Arranz – Ramos was one more in your family, Román Sorando, John Ortega or Florito. Many conversations may not have had Floro, and Ramos, who are experts in the field, bravo. They all wanted to clothe your family, to your wife, to your daughter Triana, to which the antitaurinos bomb it on the social networks with messages rejoicing in the death of a parent. Can you be more miserable? For those antitaurinos, that more than antitaurinos are antihumanos, a single wish: that his son wants to be a bullfighter and lean against such as those who accompanied Ramos.

For a bullfighter, with all the letters in Talavera gathered by the admiration, affection and respect to a man: Joaquin Ramos. What sign in your memory…

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