In 2017, the police, 644 million euro of dirty money has to be seized. One huge fraudedossier, accounting for eur 13 billion, pushed total revenues from the fight against crime in 2018, with a record of 14 billion euros. Most of the foreclosures are happening in the drug world. That is reported on Sunday.

police spokeswoman Sarah Frederickx is clear: Crime may not have salaries, so we should be replying to take it where it hurts: in their wallets.”

The recordsom 14 billion, which is mainly determined by the success of one of fraudedossier, accounting for eur 13 billion. That case is still before the courts come in. In addition, it was also in the drug world were heavily affected. Along with terrorism and trafficking in human beings continues to be the war on drugs is one of the priorities of the belgian federal police. About 11 per cent of the full capacity went down last year in the fight against drug-trafficking and trafficking.

besides, according to Marc Vancoillie from the Central office for Drugs as the drug problem has never been the case in Belgium, however, he hears the same story from colleagues in other countries as well. “The problem with these criminal and drug trafficking networks, that is, for each suspect we can pick it up, and immediately a new one is ready. They are blinded by the money.”