on The Brussels police force, has a Saturday afternoon in the place des palais and the place royale, 435 concert of Extinction patrick’s day celebration, the “hard core” of the klimaatjongeren, was arrested.

of 147 persons were at the place des palais, in the area captured, and the others in the Square. “In the 317 cases that went to an administrative arrest, in 118 of the cases were of people to a police station was transferred for the purpose of identification, and then released,” says politiewoordvoerder Olivier, Slosse. “The first people to have been at least 21 hours of his release, the last one shortly before 3 o’clock.”

the ‘Extinction patrick’s day celebration was called for a line-up of the gardens of the royal palace, in order to take part in themed assemblies about how Belgium is in response to the climate crisis. These royal gardens are located in the neutral zone, where demonstrations are banned. The Brussels police had to do with a line-up of the gardens to avoid it.

the 147 people who, nevertheless, an attempt was made to bring the gardens to reach it, were up for grabs, though, a small group of people, some of them, however, in setting foot in the kingdom of grass.

most of the protesters gathered at the kings Square, but a short time, for 18 hours, the police put an end to the action. In addition, the use of water cannon and pepper spray are not the issue. In several places in the square and took the protesters are non-violent to resist. A few ketenden’t even need to hold on to the aangesleepte of the boat. They were finally set up by the police, separated, and have been, like many hundreds of others, in the area of the shot.
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