The federal police has a Saturday morning a few transmigranten out of a truck on the Expressway in Brugge, belgium. It was going to be the nine Iraqi men. In brussels, the police, and eleven transmigranten be found. They were seated in a semi-trailer to a truck and would be out of There come.

On the way to Zeebrugge, belgium

The local police received a Saturday morning with a message that there is transmigranten was pointed out in a pick-up truck. Teams of the city police and the national police rushed to the spot and brought the truck to a stop on the road (N31) to the level of the Blue Tower.

“In the truck, which was on its way to the port of Zeebrugge in belgium, nine people are found who are of Iraqi origin, said to have been,” says the public prosecutor’s office, West-Vlaanderen, afdeling Brugge, belgium. “It’s going to be the nine men, who are in good health themselves.” They were taken to the local police department in Bruges, where the mobile afhandelingsteam their case will be treated.

The men will then be made available to the department of foreign affairs. “It is still very important, not only to the administrative side of things-to-do, but also to investigate whether or not there are human traffickers in the transportation involved,” says the public prosecutor’s office. “For example, we collect information that can be used to help in the fight against the criminal organizations that are using these practices to engage in.”

The mobile afhandelingsteam was specifically created for the trafficking of human beings to deal with. From the ports, and the snelwegparkings, near the border with West-Flanders, belgium is very attractive for a lot of transmigranten. In the Uk, in Essex, more recently, another 39 bodies found in a container at Zeebrugge, and passed.

the Sint-Truiden

In the trailer of a truck on Saturday morning in Sint-Truiden, belgium, to eleven transmigranten be found. They were to have There coming from. May be going to three families in need. This was the public prosecutor’s office of the province of Limburg on Saturday, on the eu position to know. It was going to be adult men and women and a few children. They were all in good health. A Romanian truck driver is in for questioning, and arrested.

“eleven people have been to the police station be transferred. They have not been arrested. The answer of the Romanian driver is able to do for some time. The truck drivers were on the road in the United Kingdom. It is still not clear as to how they got here to be,” said A Gunner, persmagistraat of the centre position.