The Podcast USA decision 2020 Is a risk to the American democracy
The Podcast USA decision 2020 Is a risk to the American democracy

The Podcast “USA: decision-2020” – Is a risk to the American democracy?George Floyd is buried, but the US does not come to rest. Welcome to another episode of “decision-2020”. Christof Münger and Martin Kilian0 comment against white supremacy: In Los Angeles, demonstrators protest against police violence in front of a wall painting of pop singer Britney Spears shows.Photo: Eugene Garcia/EPA

The United States is experiencing the biggest political crisis in years. In the process, several simultaneously occurring factors have led to the escalation of the Corona has claimed the lives of a pandemic so far, more than 110’000 people, 2 million Americans have been infected, and 40 million lost her Job. These protests and riots have been deployed in over 140 cities as a reaction to the violent death of the African-American George Floyd. And finally, a President who seems less in order to take care of the cohesion in his country as to his own re-election is Donald Trump.

This combination – often the talk is of a so-called perfect storm has led to a number of people Worry about the American democracy. But the threat is actually? And what does all this mean for the election?

About Kilian Martin, a long-standing US discuss correspondent, and Christof Münger, head of the Department International of the Tamedia editorial, in a further episode of the podcast to the American elections. The transmission can also be on Spotify and subscribed to belongs to.

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