The Podcast “the Politburo” – which means the Corona-crisis to limit the initiative of the SVP?Covid-19 gave us a taste of a possible future without the free movement of persons. The latest Episode of the “Politburo”, of the Tamedia Podcasts on Swiss politics.Raphaela Birrer, Christoph Lenz, Philipp Loser28 Kommentare28Die Auns argued with a sealing stress for the limitation initiative. However, that was before the crisis. Today, the economic arguments are in the foreground.Photo: Keystone

On the 27. September the vote on the limit on the initiative of the SVP. A Yes vote means the end of the free movement of persons – and the end of the Bilateral. Actually, the vote for the 17. May have been provided – but then the Corona-crisis came. The boundaries went to the free movement of persons has been suspended.

this is the experience of the SVP in the vote fight? The chances have risen for the limiting initiative? It is the Initiative for the crisis? And what has this to do with the bridging pension, which is currently treated in the summer session, with the vote?

talk About Raphaela Birrer, political boss of Tamedia, the Federal home editor of Christoph Lenz and Philipp Loser in the third Episode of the “Politburo”, of the Tamedia Podcasts on Swiss politics.

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