The Podcast “decision-2020” – What it had Witter fraud Trumps talk of the election puts the President in a fact check. Why now and what’s the result? Answers in the latest episode of “decision-2020”.Alan Cassidy, Philipp loser is threatening action against Twitter: US President Donald Trump.Photo: Keystone

The presidential election in the autumn, is already clear, will be a large part of the letter, because many States change due to the pandemic in a letter to the election – much to the dismay of Trump fall of Donald. The US President warns of the increasing volume ahead of an imminent election fraud.

he does, of course, also on Twitter. Trump’s Tweets on the subject has provided the platform with a kind of fact check. A novelty, discussed highly controversial. And part of a Plan of Trump: He lays a carpet of mistrust against any non-election in November to secure.

What happens in this case? What it has with trump’s allegations on? Why attack Twitter right now – and where is the end? And: Why don’t tears, the police violence against African-Americans? The answers are there in the new episode of “decision-2020”, the Tamedia Podcast to the elections in America.