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Navas de San Juan (Jaén) will host the next August 2, the ambush of Enrique Ponce with four bulls to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the alternative right-handed.

The mayor, Joaquín Requena (PSOE), has shown its satisfaction by a celebration which will put the city “at the epicenter” of the world of bullfighting and that “will satisfy the most demanding palates”. “It is a historic appointment with the that Enrique Ponce is celebrating his 30 years in the tournament, a great event that we will have the opportunity to share with him, enjoying his art and his talent,” he said.

This run will be held from 19: 30 hours at the Plaza de Toros of las Navas de San Juan. In the poster presentation, Requena explained that there will be four bulls of the own livestock of Enrique Ponce and the right-hander will be accompanied by the rejoneador de Loja (Granada) Jose Velasco, with a copy this last of the cattle ranch Brothers Hill.

“Navas de San Juan you are in luck, because Enrique Ponce wants to commemorate the 30 years of their alternative with this ambush in our village, with whom it has a close connection, and about bonds from a long time ago, because here are its origins in the bullfighting arena, and here grew exponentially as a bullfighter to become what it is today indisputable way: an essential figure in the history of bullfighting”, he said.

In fact, Ponce is the Adoptive Son of Navas de San Juan from the year 2018 in an initiative that was approved unanimously by the full city Council.

tickets, which are between 25 and 55 euros, can be purchased from the 21st of July in the City of Navas de San Juan, and also in a manner telematics through the web page of the city Hall, www.navasdesanjuan.es . This is to avoid the manipulation of the inputs, so that can be downloaded on mobile phones and are able to access the plaza through reading Qr non-transferable and personal to you. They will also be on sale the same day of the celebration starting at 10.00 am.

Requena has detailed that the celebration will have a strict protocol performance health and security so that it can be developed with all the guarantees, a protocol that will count with the participation of members of Local Police, Civil Guard and Civil Protection.

To access the area of the Plaza de Toros will be “logically required the use of mask” and that at the time of entry “will take the temperature all the attendees.” It will be mandatory to wash hands co n hydroalcoholic gel , so that there will be dispensers available within the reach of all in the access to the square.

in Addition, only deal with the 50 percent of capacity and all seats will be numbered, so that will obviously be required to occupy the reserved seat and leaving a free space between a viewer and another. Only be able to sit down together family members who live with them.